Latest News! Microsoft’s Announced A special Exchange Offer

Latest News! Microsoft’s Announced A special Exchange Offer :- One can see the hoardings or brochures of “Sale” all over the market not just online even offline as well then how can you expect IT sector to remain back foot. Microsoft India has announced a new offer that let one buy new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in lieu of any old laptop or tablet. When a person come up with their laptop or tablet they can get all new “Microsoft Surface Pro 4” at a discounted rate of INR 58,890.


How this offer works?
Apart from the discounted rate one can also get the cash bonus of amount INR 20,000 when they show up their old or new tablet. If one wants to be eligible for this offer the very first thing which they have to do is to buy new Microsoft Surface 4 Pro from faddish online giant at the price of INR 78,890 and one have to head to the website of Reglobe and then they have to fill in the details of their old laptop or tablet which they are going to sell along with the order details of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which they have bought from amazon.

Then Reglobe will evaluate the price of your old laptop or tablet and accordingly will inform the customer about the exchange value of the old device and one will also get the additional cash bonus of INR 20,000. Microsoft India cleared that any device which is in proper working condition whether it is Macbook or an iPad is heartily accepted under this offer. This offer is applicable only for limited time. Along with the surface Pro 4 laptop one gets the surface Pen but not includes the type cover.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 specs:
It sports 12.3” Pixel sense Full HD Display offering extremely high contrast and has low glare hence helping the users who need to work on the laptop all the time. It just weighs 786 grams hence making itself not just light weighs but highly mobile as well in the sense that one can carry it anywhere they like to without any hassle.

It is powered by 6th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 chipset making this laptop not just powerful but quieter, cooler than ever and more efficient. It operates on latest Windows 10 OS and is capable of running multiple apps without a glitch. It boasts 5MP shooter at the front which one can easily use for video conferencing. One can also click the pictures as 8MP snapper is also provided at the rear panel.

It offers 9h of usage so that one can work all day long without any charging need. It is available in four variants:
• 4GB RAM with 128GB internal memory running on Intel core M
• 4GB RAM with 128GB ROM running on Intel core i5
• 8GB RAM with 256GB on board memory running on Intel Core i5
• 8GB RAM with 256GB internal memory running on Intel Core i7
It also entails WiFi 802.11 b/g/n as connectivity option and also includes components like tablet, surface pen, power adapter and type cover (which has to be bought individually).