Merge VR VRG-01P Headset Officially launched in India Features Price

Merge VR VRG-01P Headset Officially launched in India Features Price :- The brand new Merge Virtual Reality VRG-01P headset has launched in India on November 4, 2016. The gazet is now available on the leading e-commerce site Amazon for sale at the price tag of Rs. Rs. 5, 399. The headset is flexible enough to operate with both Android, and I Phone smartphone to give you the experience of watching the serious stuff.


Meanwhile, the Merge Virtual Reality VRG-01P headset is made up of the soft foam to help us to wear it comfortably around our head without giving any difficulty. The headset can not work independently as it does not have the screen, so it requires a phone to give you the real HD video experience.

This headset is equipped with the dual touch inputs that are accordant with VR apps. Hence one does not need a controller. The company just to provide you the assistance to use the headset, they have launched the n official virtual reality app.

The Merge Start application will enable the user with the every bit of information that one needs to use the Merge VR VRG-01P headset. Even, one can prefer the Merge Start app for reading out the guidelines to use the headset. The company with the launch of the headset also suggested the numbers of the smartphones that can be easily used with the headset. The smartphones like iPhone 6 and its later versions, Galaxy S5 and its later versions, HTC One M8 and its later versions, LG G4 and its later versions are compatible with the headset and can be used too often with it.

The official of the company mentioned that the device is very compatible with the most iOS and Android devices and its size fits with I Phone 5 and I Phone 6.

Features and Specification of Merge VR VRG-01P Headset for Smartphones:

  1. The box is available in Dimensions 14x19x10.2 cm and weights 340 grams.
  2. It is easy to clean and can be shared with friends and family members.
  3. The Merge VR turns your iOS or Android smartphone into an immersive virtual reality headset.
  4. It sports dual touch inputs that are compatible with VR apps without the need of a controller.