OnePlus announces its launch of 5G enabled Phones in 2019

A week ahead of OnePlus 6t’s launch, Carl Pei co-founder and CEO of OnePlus has made an amazing announcement during Qualcomm’s 4G/5G summit in Hong Kong to launch a 5G-ready smartphone in 2019. This will make OnePlus the first company to launch 5G smartphones for many countries. He also made further details in his speed by saying that OnePlus team has already conducted 5G test in August at Qualcomm’s headquarters in San Diego and will release the phone in first half of 2019, making it one of the first companies to lunch a 5G enabled phones.

OnePlus Will Be Among the First to Launch a 5G Phone

It is clear that year 2019 is likely to see a major revolution in the smartphones and  in next year 2019,  5G is going to become mainstream and OnePlus will be the first ever smartphone which can operate 5G globally. The new smartphone is likely to be called OnePlus7.  Oneplus smartphones are widely available across the world which makes the company potential to be the first 5G phones in many countries.

Although the specifications, features and pricing are not confirmed but we do know few of its details which was announced at the Company’s 4G/5G summit moments before Carl Pei announcement by the Qualcomm’s president Cristiano Amon that the user must expect at least two 5G flagships in the next year, these smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon X50 5G modem and the latest QTM052 mmWave antenna module.

OnePlus is not only the first one to announce the launch of 5G ready smartphones, Qualcomm’s announcements also included other smartphone companies such as Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Oppo, Lenovo, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Vivo. LG has already confirmed that the company is going to launch 5G enabled phones in US next year. While Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 is launching on 25th October in China which might to be leading, Xiaomi first ever company to launch 5G ready smartphones, these phones will be releasing in selected countries only. On the other hand the launch of OnePlus 5G phones will be truly global. This made it obvious that 5G connectivity will be the new sensation of 2019.

Meanwhile the company is looking forward in launching its upcoming smartphone OnePlus 6T which is going to be released on 29th October 2018 which will make its global debut in New York. The high end phone will feature 6.41 inch display with In-Display fingerprint scanner, 8GB RAM and 512 GB of Internal Storage, Teardrop or waterdrop shaped like notch with increased battery capacity of 12% which increases the battery capacity from 3300 mAh to 3700mAh from the previous model OnePlus 6. No headphone Jack this time and have Gorilla Glass 6 protection which can survive 10 times drop from 1m height.

This is the First smartphone ever to launch In-Display fingerprint scanner feature. OnePlus 6T smartphones are going to be available in black colour and can be exclusively bought only through amazon after 10 days of its launch.

There will be different prices for different variants such as:

6 GB RAM + 64 GB Internal Memory is of 36,999 INR.

8 GB RAM + 128 GB Internal Memory is of 41,999 INR.

8 GB RAM + 256 GB Internal Memory is of 45,999 INR.

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