Salman Khan – Iulia Vantur already a married couple in Romania?

Salman Khan has been in headlines for his affairs with numbers of co-stars since he made his debut in Bollywood industry. From, Sangeeta Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Jacquelin Fernandes to Lulia Vantur, but Salman has been reserved for displaying the world about his relationship status.


Meanwhile, for now, his name has been connected with the Romanian beauty Lulia Vantur. Although like his ex-relationships, Salman has never opened up about his affair with Julia, the interesting fact is even he has not denied it.

But when the whole Indian media are in busy to find out the relationship status of Salman, Romania’s media house are calling Lulia Vantur as Mrs. Khan.

Well, I know you all are extremely shocked as we were, but it is a fact.

Romania’s media leading tabloid, Click, is addressing Lulia Vantur as “Doamna Khan” which means “royal Mrs. Khan.”

According to the close sources, Lulia Vantur is now famous in her home country as royal Mrs Khan and reports to believe Salman and Lulia have married.

Although, there is not official proof about this allegation by the Romanian media but rumours are hot in Romania bout the marriage of Salman and Lulia.

It is believed that Salman after dating her other co-stars from Bollywood industries, finally choose Lulia as her life partner. Also, Salman chooses her simply because Lulia mixes with his family easily, she respects the elder of his family and loves the children and animals.

We, all know that Salman is really positive about his family, and he has always found out the time for his family from his hectic schedule. And it looks like he has now found a life partner.

Recently Salman and Lulia Vantur together went to meet legendary Dalia Lama in the North of India.Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Salman and Lulia will react to this news.