Students Transcend in Computer Science

Have you ever wondered what are the best schools in teaching computer science? But who are the best students in this domain? Let’s say just that this is not a surprise.

The competition is growing year after year, and each school wants to take the crown for the best studies in the world with the best students in each domain. Apparently, India, China, and Russia are going down, as the USA is ruling on the computer science sector.

Over the past fifty years, computer science evolution has seen unprecedented, with rapid growth and expansion. It could really be said that this domain is in the center of contemporary society. Now, most people in the world are having access to a computer/ laptop, and they are using it on a regular basis. A Bachelor in Informatics places this degree at the forefront of a pool that is increasingly looking after human resources and significantly increases the chances of maintaining a successful career. Several specializations are offered in Computer Science, including business information systems, digital engineering systems, sound and music technology, mathematics, management, software engineering, artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, media and Internet technology and 3D animation.

USA growth

Everyone knows that each year, if not even sooner, a battle of power in a matter of hard work, bright minds and determination is given. A rotation between Russia, India, China, and the USA exist from time to time, that’s why each of these countries will try to overstep the other. Nobody asked, until now, what is the real quality of the students after they finish their studies and start working.  

Now, you can say “fine, but how this analysis is working?”. This study was aligned with international standards in a matter of procedure and information – what students should know at the end of the university; letting details like a specific programme language, outside. More exactly, they created not an analysis of how C++ is seen and know by each student, but how they understand each element and if computer science values are known.

Let’s see the numbers! Students from the US were better than 80% of other students in each state. Also, this study shows that approximately 20% of US graduates have their ACT/SAT score at least 1,250 out of 1,600 – amazing, right? Also, numbers say that from 2006 until 2016 undergraduate computer science went up by 3 times. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claimed that there is a chance that until 2024 three-quarters jobs of STEM will be in computer science related functions.

How important is this study?

Until now, nobody bothered to see which the real competition on this market is – everyone knew that computer science is the future and jobs are growing in this domain, but no study based on objectives principles were made. Moreover, we can say that the university rankings made until now were made based on the people perceptions on how they see a specific university, not how the university programme was and what was the quality of the student at the end of their studies.  

A sample of seniors who followed computer sciences in these four nations was invited to participate in this study.678 students from China, 364 students from India, 551 students from Russia and in US 6,847 seniors were used in this assessment data. They took a two-hour test created by Educational Testing Service. In this assignment provider, they had access on the actual results of student’s hard work during university life and if the university had invested enough resources for creating a top generation of well-prepared undergraduates in their chosen domain.

What kind of participants this study had?

Also, another interesting fact came out: almost each US participant to this test (approx 90% of them) declared that English is the only language they knew. This detail shows that the high level of results was not given the students who were accepted using international admission, but by those who lived there, more exactly domestic students.

Prashant Loyalka of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education declared that however people think the high quality of STEM programs in the US is mostly due to international students, that’s not what the data shows. Main goal is to define which of college experiences has helped to boost students’ performance. Results show that at least in terms of computer science education the US is excelling.


Of course, top universities from all over the world keep track of what they should change, implement or keep in a matter of international demand. But even so, some want to know real success after they finish their studies – and what better info should they get, but not this one? Even if we talk about the fact that you will get a stable job or about the university programme, there is only win-win for you.

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