Bihaan scolds thapki! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th September 2016 Written Updates

Bihaan scolds thapki! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th September 2016 Written Updates :- The daily soap Thapki Pyaar Ki is now all set to offer us that Thapki’s final attempt to prove her innocence fails when even Daadi vouchers for Kosi. Helpless, Thapki forces Kosi to reveal the truth, but this upsets Bihaan and he slaps Thapki. Earlier, the bomb that Kosi planted goes off in her hands and the blame is pushed on Thapki. Will Thapki and Bihaan’s relationship hit rock-bottom again it is yet to clear.


Anyway let’s have some glimpses of the last night episode of the TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki in which it is shown that Thapki tries to ask to Bihaan that she is pregnant but Bihaan did not get any opportunity to hear that. Kosi asked to Thapki that if this candle fire will be off then in the Pandey house there will be blasting take place as Kosi fixes bomb in the table.

Thapki asked the family that Kosi planted a bomb here and she also asked that Bihan is having life risk from Kosi. Kosi did drama in front of the Pandey family and she provoked Thapki. Thapki lashes out at Kosi which makes Bihaan angry and he asked to Thapki that now he will know the truth of this bomb and he just blows the candle.

Thapki pledges to Bihaan that he can’t do this as in the house then bomb blast will be taking place but Bihaan said let’s see bomb blast in the house. Bihaan blows the candle but no blasting take place which makes Thapki shocked as well as she realised that it was a Kosi’s plan to trap her.

Bihaan also asked to her that now I am paying as I trusted you and how dare you doubted on my Kosi Maa. Kosi cries in front of Thapki and Bihaan that how Thapki frames her in wrong allegations. Bihaan scolded Thapki for it.

Vasu asked to Thapki that Dadi will be telling the truth and Dadi said that Kosi did not do anything to her and she also said that it is Thapki who asked to speak falsely about Kosi. Suman and Vasu scolded Thapki that she is making Dadi annoying now not Kosi.

Thapki asked Kosi that it is the truth that you want to kill your own son Bihaan. Bihaan slaps Thapki.

Precap: Bihaan scolds Thapki and says Lord has punished me by getting you in my life, I will not bear this punishment, as I will be kicked out from my life and house. Thapki is having tears in her eyes.