Twinkle Is Dazzled! Tashan-E-Ishq 17th August 2016 Written Updates

Twinkle Is Dazzled! Tashan-E-Ishq 17th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show stars with Yuvi telling his mother Anita to stay away from her till he gets back Twinkle. Anita leaves from there and Yuvi went sad.


Tashan-E-Ishq 17th August 2016 Written Updates

In the next scene, Kunj was looking at Twinkle and Twinkle was cheering up for a student who was showing stunt. But, that sounds fall and he twisted his ankle. One student says now who will dance Mala.

Mala says I can not dance with anyone else and she leaves. Everyone asked Twinkle to dance and Twinkle accepted it and says I need a partner. She looks at Kunj, but Kunj ignores here. Then, a student told her that I know a guy who is famously known as Micheal Jackosn.

Then, Yuvi came there in his real form and says who called me here. he came to Twinkle and everyone told Yuvi to dance with Twinkle, but Romi showed his tantrum to Twinkle and leave from there and think that Twinkle will call him back.

But, before Kunj takes advantage and went to Twinkle and asked her to dance with her. Everyone asked Twinkle to accept his offer. Twinkle accepts Kunj’s offer and they both dances on the track “Sajna Ve.”

Yuvi felt jealous seeing both Twinkle and Kunj dances together. Meanwhile, Twinkle slept but Kunj holds him. Twinkle get and everyone claps for them . Yuvi think now I have the backup as Jassi and Twinkle will dance with me only.

On the other side, Anita went into her room nd looks at Yuvi’s picture and tell herself that I will help my Son in feeling Twinkle back in his life. Meanwhile, Twinkle brings medicine for Babe and went to meet Usha, but Usha asked her to leave and told her that she has brought medicine by herself. Then, Twinkle left and Anita came there and told Usha that she has the plan to get rid of Twinkle.

in the nex seen, Leela says why you are sad. Twinkle explain her about the Usha scolded her and asked her to leave. Twinkle questioned her did I take the wrong decision. Leela says no, but you have to take any action in future.

Meanwhile, Anita told Usha that she ahs plan to get rid of Twinkle. Usha says I don’t want to listen. Then, Anita told Usha that Kunj and Twinkle are taking part in the college fest and she leaves from there.

Jassi went to the fest and sees Twinkle and told her that she is l;looking absolutely gorgeous. Twinkle smiles. He brings curd for Twinkle and Kunj and deliberately put curd on the shirt of Kunj.

Kunj went on to change it. Kunj says Twinkle I will dance with you. On the others die, Pallavi was telling his good that the light should fall on Twinkle. Then, she smiles and says this is the best way to get rid of you Twinkle.


In the upcoming episode, Twinkle will be standing in the center of stage and lights fall. Yuvi sees this and tries to aside Twinkle from her place.