Thapki Sees The Memory Card! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th September 2016 Written Updates

Thapki Sees The Memory Card! TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show started with Thapki calming Vasundra and told her that she would soon disclose the real face of Kosi. Vasundra asked how? Thapki says Lord Ganesh will help us.


Naman told Kosi that you made us won, and that’s why I love. Kosi and Naman talk about knocking Thapki about of the house. Kosi says I don’t care about Bihaan, and after Thapki goes out of the house, then we will transplant Bihan kidney to John.

Thapki came there and asked Kosi and Naman to come for the lunch. Thapki fakes a call. Naman and Kosi leaves and Thapki bring out the chip from Idol and say now she and Bihan will get to know the truth of Kosi.

thapki goes to her room and put the chip in her laptop, and when the clip was about to start, a light goes out. Thapki goes to check the plugs and says someone intentionally disconnected my room’s light off.

Kosi says I have made the swift off as I doubted Thapki since she came to my room. Thapki switched on the light, but when she came back to her room, she noticed that chip was not there. Kosi took the chip. Thapki says it does not matter now; I will bring the truth of Kosi.

Kosi hides the chip in the feet of the idol of Ganesh Lord. Thapki came there and asked Kosi about the chip. Kosi says Yes I ruined the proof, and now I will see how you will win stop me. Thapki says I will win competition tomorrow. Kosi goes, and Thapki prays to Ganesh idol.

Snakara took Bihan’s picture and was about to apply sindoor on her head. Thapki stopped her and told her that she cannot apply Bihan’s name sindoor on her head as Bihan is my husband. Sanskara told Thapki that you are not my enemy, and I will help you winning the competition.

Thapki snatches sindoor box, but it fell. Sankara says Kosi was right you are my enemy, and now I will help Kosi in winning the competition. Thapki goes from there.

Thapki tried to inform Bihan about this. But Bihan scolded her and told her that earlier she was against Naman and Kosi, and now, she is blaming innocent Sankara. Bihan leaves. Thapki told Dadi that she cannot do anything despite knowing the truth. She asked Dadi will I win? Dadi smiles


Bihan will stop Thapki by holding her hand. Bihan will tell Thapki that she cannot see Kosi’s truth and she did not apologize to her.