Kabir Singh 27th Day Box Office Collection Total 4th week Wednesday Worldwide Earning

Kabir Singh 27th Day Box Office Collection Total 4th week Wednesday Worldwide Earning: A much-awaited youth-oriented movie Kabir Singh is released this Friday at the box office. The movie is about a surgeon who goes to the self-destructive path after being broke because his girlfriend got married to someone else. Kabir Singh is a movie about love, passion, emotion, and pain. Kabir Singh has positive response over the viewers and the buzz is quite positive for it so far. Kabir Singh box office collection reports are going to be positive because of the hype it has. Kabir Singh Movie Reviews & Ratings

Kabir Singh 27th Day Box Office Collection

As we said the movie is about love and emotion which is portrayed amazingly by the leading actor Shahid Kapoor as in Kabir Singh. The music of the movie is already in between youth and the flick was released in between less competition. We are expecting that the makers of the movie are going to collect good bucks from the movie as it is being released with a positive response. Kabir Singh Full movie Download

We are quite afraid that Kabir Singh could struggle because it has received an adult certificate from the censor board which means that only 18+ people could watch it in theatre. Also, the movie is around 2 hours 55 minutes long which could lead to fewer shows in a day. Overall Kabir Singh is a hit movie and we are expecting some big money from it in upcoming days.

Kabir Singh Box Office Collection

The movie has collected more than 14.50 Cr from the very first day of release. Also, the movie could collect around 15.12 Cr from the second day of release. We aren’t sure about these earning but our sources are claiming that the movie has made close to the 15 crores approx in the first day of release. We are expecting that it will make huge bucks for the makers over the weekend.

#KabirSingh is terrific on Day 1… Emerges Shahid Kapoor’s biggest opener [surpasses *Day 1* biz of #Padmaavat: ₹ 19 cr]… Biggest *non-holiday* opening day of 2019 [surpasses #TotalDhamaal: ₹ 16.50 cr]… Is a craze amongst the youth… Fri ₹ 20.21 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh is unstoppable and unshakeable… Continues its heroic run on Day 2… Scores big numbers, despite #INDvAFG  cricket match… Eyes ₹ 70 cr [+/-] weekend… Fantastic trending PAN India… Fri 20.21 cr, Sat 22.71 cr. Total: ₹ 42.92 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh is firing on all cylinders at the BO… Metros, mass belt, Tier-2, Tier-3 cities – #KabirSingh wave grips the nation… Emerges Shahid Kapoor’s highest grosser in 3 days [after #Padmaavat]… Fri 20.21 cr, Sat 22.71 cr, Sun 27.91 cr. Total: ₹ 70.83 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh is sensational… ₹ 17.5 cr+ on a working day [Mon]? Most biggies don’t collect that on a Sun… Eyes ₹ 200 cr… May challenge #Uri [highest grossing #Hindi film of 2019]… Fri 20.21 cr, Sat 22.71 cr, Sun 27.91 cr, Mon 17.54 cr. Total: ₹ 88.37 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh cruises past ₹  cr… Shahid Kapoor scores his first *solo* century… Extraordinary trending on weekdays… Eyes ₹ 130 cr+ total in Week 1… Fri 20.21 cr, Sat 22.71 cr, Sun 27.91 cr, Mon 17.54 cr, Tue 16.53 cr. Total: ₹ 104.90 cr. India biz. BLOCKBUSTER.

#KabirSingh is displaying strong legs at the BO… Refuses to slow down on weekdays… Has eclipsed the biz of all films… Fri 20.21 cr, Sat 22.71 cr, Sun 27.91 cr, Mon 17.54 cr, Tue 16.53 cr, Wed 15.91 cr. Total: ₹ 120.81 cr. India biz. BLOCKBUSTER.

#KabirSingh wave grips the nation… Trending on weekdays is an eye-opener… Should comfortably cross ₹ 200 cr in Week 2… Fri 20.21 cr, Sat 22.71 cr, Sun 27.91 cr, Mon 17.54 cr, Tue 16.53 cr, Wed 15.91 cr, Thu 13.61 cr. Total: ₹ 134.42 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh continues its dominance… Shows solid gains on [second] Sat and Sun [despite #INDvENG cricket match]… Inches closer to ₹ 200 cr… Chasing a big total… [Week 2] Fri 12.21 cr, Sat 17.10 cr, Sun 17.84 cr. Total: ₹ 181.57 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh remains unstoppable… Will breach ₹ 200 cr mark + cross *lifetime biz* of #Bharat in Week 2 itself… Next target: Surpassing *lifetime biz* of #Uri… [Week 2] Fri 12.21 cr, Sat 17.10 cr, Sun 17.84 cr, Mon 9.07 cr. Total: ₹ 190.64 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh is 200 Not Out … Hits double century at the BO, but shows no signs of fatigue… [Week 2] Fri 12.21 cr, Sat 17.10 cr, Sun 17.84 cr, Mon 9.07 cr, Tue 8.31 cr, Wed 7.53 cr. Total: ₹ 206.48 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh remains steady on [third] Fri… Should gather speed on [third] Sat and Sun… Will cross ₹ 225 cr today [Sat]… [Week 3] Fri 5.40 cr. Total: ₹ 218.60 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh hits the ball out of the park on [third] Sun… Collects a fantastic number in Weekend 3… Crosses *lifetime biz* of #Kick and #ChennaiExpress… Next targets: #Simmba and #Uri… [Week 3] Fri 5.40 cr, Sat 7.51 cr, Sun 9.61 cr. Total: ₹ 235.72 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh remained steady on [third] Tue, despite #INDvNZ cricket match []… Will cross *lifetime biz* of #Uri today [Wed] and emerge highest grossing #Hindi film of 2019… Fri 5.40 cr, Sat 7.51 cr, Sun 9.61 cr, Mon 4.25 cr, Tue 3.20 cr. Total: ₹ 243.17 cr. India biz.

#KabirSingh [Week 4] Fri 2.54 cr, Sat 3.75 cr, Sun 4.05 cr, Mon 1.65 cr, Tue 1.60 cr. Total: ₹ 263.19 cr. India biz.

Kabir Singh Worldwide Collection & Overseas Screen Count

Coming to screen count. Around 2600-2700 screens are already locked for the film as per last information. Still there is lot of time and screen allocation is going on. Film is on track to lock around 3000 screens in India by midnight today. This means film has good potential to collect big now.
Screen Count for 21st June, 2019 -> 2600-2700 screens locked (3000 screens expected). Now coming to advance booking report. Film has generated good advances so far. In general advance booking is around 20% for day 1. However at few cinemas advances are 30% or even more for first day. This is great news.

The movie Kabir Singh is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga who also helmed Arjun Reddy. The movie is featuring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara the lead role. The film’s trailer and songs have been very popular on social media. We think that you all are going to love this movie and mostly the youngsters are going to be mad about this movie.