Be Sure About Your Loved One’s Safety on Road with KENT CamEye

As a car owner, there are many pain points that you’d have to face, and traffic is merely one of them. In today’s time, keeping your vehicle safe is one of the biggest concerns that a car owner has. As major crime is on a rapid rise and safeguarding your vehicle and loved ones has become the utmost importance.

Some of the concerns that a car owner must face are teenagers being behind the wheel, trusting chauffeur with the kids, and much more. In such circumstances, having a GPS tracking device is an essential addition to your vehicle from many perspectives. KENT— famous for its RO water purifiers, and a household brand name has launched KENT CamEye. It is not just a GPS tracking device, which helps ensure a lot more than just the safety of your car. The next-gen GPS tracking device is entirely made in India and is country’s first-of-its-kind car security system to come out with unique features.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what makes KENT CamEye a perfect GPS tracking Device

Dual Camera

The dual-camera setup in KENT CamEye is a feature that records everything outside and inside the car. The smart device then uploads the video on a real-time basis to secure cloud storage. It has an exclusive feature of time-lapse video recording, which gets sent on the cloud; this can then be live-streamed on the owner’s phone. You can also download the videos to your device through KENT CamEye’s official app, which is available to download on both iOS and Android.

That’s not all, both the cameras have night vision and record both audio and video, whether the car is parked or in motion.

Real-Time Updates

As a GPS Tracking device, it is essential that it provides real-time alerts to the car owner. KENT CamEye has recognized this need and provides the car owner to receive real-time alerts on their mobile through the app. This helps in securing the car, especially when the car is driven by a chauffeur or teen.

Some of the alerts that you can enable to receive through the app are AC on, noise, over speeding, unknown driver, and more.

These real-time alerts help reduce the misuse of the car. For instance, often teens sneak out car at night, without the knowledge of parents. This puts the security of your child at risk. With the KENT CamEye app, you get an alert when the engine is turned on.

Two Way Calling

In instances where the driver is out of the network area or not answering the phone, you are bound to get worried and suspect something’s up. This is where KENT CamEye’s two-way calling system comes handy. The in-built mic and speaker system allow easy and smooth conversation. The conversation can only be initiated by the app user.

The two-way calling system helps in instances such as when the chauffeur drives rashly or sleeps in the car. The owner can directly call out this behavior and speak through the app into the KENT CamEye device.

Route Playback

KENT CamEye makes it possible to stay in touch with your car on a more connected level. The smart device enables you to stay updated about the activities inside and outside the car from anywhere around the globe. With the app’s route playback feature, you can see where your vehicle was at any given time. There’s everything that you’d ever need to know, such as GPS, speed, temperature, and lots more.

KENT CamEye— A promise of Security

KENT CamEye is unlike any GPS tracking device in the market. It enables the car owner to implement real-time practical approaches to ensure the security of the vehicle and loved ones.

As an advanced GPS tracking device, KENT CamEye is the perfect choice to make for anyone concerned about ensuring car safety. The device can be ordered from the Amazon India website. You can also book a demo to test out the device yourself.