Gopi try to find Dharam’s death truth! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” it has begins with Durga Asking Vidya to not support Meera. Vidya leaves the house and rush towards the Modi family in order to proved Meera innocent. Gaura says to Vidya that by doing this to the Suryavanshi family and supporting the Modi family by going against the Suryavanshi family.

Gopi try to find Dharam's death truth! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Vidya while travelling with family cries and Gopi consoles her. Durga cannot stop beaming with joy on seeing Vidya leave the house. Modi family reach the police station and says that they want to meet with the Meera and also Gopi said to the police that it is useless to arrest Meera as she is the innocent.

The police said to the Modi family that they are not allow to meet with the Meera as she is a Shaatir (Wise) criminal and she deserve to stay here in the jail. The Meera’s family is shocked to know that now Meera will have to stay in the jail. So now Modi family has been discussed that it is Meera have to stay in jail and Ahem says I will be not letting Meera to stay in jail but Gopi says anyhow she have to stay in the cell for this entire night.

Everybody feels bad with the Meeera’s condition. In the Suryavanshi house, Gaura asks for forgiveness to Dharam’s photo and removes the garland from his picture. Gaura also said that very soon she will be making coming back of the Dharam in the Suryavanshi house.

By chance Vidya hears this words of the Guara as she makes her comeback in the Suryavanshi house after visiting the Modi house and shocked to hear so that why Gaura is saying so. Now Vidya became sceptical about Gaura as the Gaura’s evil nature is not hidden from her. She also doubts that is it is fact that Dharam has been died.

Now Gaura anyway did the Asthi Visarjan in the river and it was interestingly fake Asthi. And Vidya rush towards Gaura to do the Jaasoosi on her and Gaura is not aware of it. Kokila is also sceptical about Gaura’s behaviour and she discussed about it to the Gopi that she saw her in talking with someone on the phone.

Kokila asked Gopi to stop from crying as she need to be strong for her daughters and Kokila also said that now we need to find out the truth of the Dharam’s death as I am having doubt that Dharam did not died.