Sid want to leave the house! Sasural Simar Ka 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” begins with Prem says we all know what phase I am going right now. He said it is right now it’s time for the Bharadwaj family to fight with the situation jointly and Prem try to consoles Sid. But Sid says it is you and your wife is alive but my wife is dead.

Sid want to leave the house! Sasural Simar Ka 12th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Sid became angry and said you can only give me sympathy but you can’t understand my pain. Now Sid started mourning over Rolie’s death and start crying. Mata Jee embrace Sid now and said to him that I know how much you used to love Rolie but now you need to fight with the situation Sid. Mataji says I know how much you love her. Just try to remember Sid what Rolie said to you in the last time.

But Sid insulted Simar by saying you are responsible for the Rolie’s death and I hate you. Simar said to Sid that right is something which has been earn not snatch and as a Rolie’s sister I jointly try to accomplish our goal and the accident take Rolie an accident snatch Rolie from us. And you are unhappy as your wife died and thinks about me.

I lost my younger sister. Sid looked on and Prem too. Simar said that actually Rolie gives me this because of her love she is having towards me and now Simar recalled the last words of the Rolie. Simar and Sid both recalled their last moment with Rolie.

Everyone is crying. Roli’s mom says my daughter is gone. Simar says that right now we should tell to papa that we have been lose Rolie as papa is alone right now and I am sure he can’t bear it. Simar’s Maa says to the Simar that I am worry for you Simar and Simar said I am your daughter Maa, I know how to cope up with this pain.

Go to Bangalore now, papa needs you there. I promised to the Rolie that now I will be taking care of the family and please Maa now stay tension free. When I will be weak, I will be calling you. You know Maa I am your brave daughter. Now both Simar’s Maa and Simar cried and hug.