24 Season 2 1st October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Shinde died by heart attack

24 Season 2 1st October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Shinde died by heart attack :- The last episode of the TV series Twenty Four (24) Season 2 begins with Vedant, Jai, and ATU Team arrives at a party where they accused that in the party there is drugs but the party holder is a young girl Vaidehi who asked to them that this is a normal party of the youngsters and you can’t accuse us of having drugs.


Vaidehi also asked Jai that you can’t come here without the warrant and you guys also don’t not having lady police. She said I need to call my mum Anjali and Jai are shocked to know that Vaidehi is Anjali’s daughter and Jai asked to her that somebody killed your mum Anjali.

He asked to her where is your dad and she said that he is dead. Jai asked to her that do you know Roshan Searchen, Vaidehi said I need to go to the washroom and Jai asked Sidharth that Vaidehi must be the daughter of Roshan.

Vaidehi is shocked to know the death of her mom but she manages herself. Jai discuss with Sidharth that may be Vaidehi can reveal much information of Roshan but Sidharth thinks that we need to give some time to her as right now she just loses her mother.

Bhowmik asked to Aditya that we are now catch Vaidehi so we can reached to Roshan very soon but Jai is very sure about it that his investigations should not harm the sentiments’ of Vaidehi.

Kiran is with ATU Team but Kiran is actually fishy about something and Kiran is keen to find and solve the same as it is very important to captures Roshan. Kiran thinks there is someone who is making fool to the ATU Team and we need to solve it.

Precap: Zaara informs Siddharth that Vasu has taken Kiran. Siddharth scolds the agents at the park and calls them jokers. Aditya and Prithvi get news that Shinde died by heart attack. Roshan asks Vaidehi, not to worry, it’s all fine. Kiran worries. Antara tells Prithvi that she killed Shinde. He gets shocked. Jai and his team proceeds and Jai say no one will do anything without my command.