3 Smart Hacks for college Students

Life at college is supposed to be a whole lot of fun while getting a top quality education that will help you launch a successful career. Some students quiver at the thought of spending all of their time at college with their nose in their books, but what if there was a way to abdicate the college tasks you don’t enjoy doing?


Here are three smart hacks that any college student can use to free up more of their time and enjoy life a little during their studies.

#1 Hire someone to write your Essays

Do you struggle with writing? Does the thought of sitting up all night writing term papers and essays bring chills down your spine? We don’t blame you, almost 45% of college students say that they rate essay writing and compiling term papers as their most stressful projects at college.

Now you can hire an essay writer to help you with your work and allow you to allocate your valuable time to other areas of your studies that require your immediate attention. Professional essay writing services use qualified professionals to write your essays in perfect language and prose, without any grammatical errors. This service makes for an invaluable tool to those students challenged by the formidable task of writing.

#2 The Pomodoro Principle

Have you ever heard about those crazy scientists that only sleep a few hours per day when working on an important and urgent project? This is an example of the Pomodoro principle in action. College students may not have to stay up all night working on solutions that may save the world, but their studies are critical.

Instead of trying to cram down as much study time as possible, set up your studies using this technique. Begin by studying for 25 minutes with your full attention and focus. Set the alarm on your phone for 25 minutes and when the buzzer sounds, drop everything you are doing and take a short 5-minute break. Resume your studies after the break and repeat this system every 25 minutes.

By applying this technique, you should feel more refreshed and able to absorb more of your material, as well as extending the length of your study sessions without feeling tired.

#3 Exercises Before Your Study Sessions

Regular exercise is great for your health, and it can be great for your studies as well. Exercising vigorously before you study will release endorphins and dopamine into your system. This added rush of hormones and dopamine will allow you to focus on your tasks more intently, giving you the power to hold your concentration and get more work done. Research has shown that just ten to fifteen minutes of exercise before studying will increase cognitive function in the brain and improve memory retention as well as attention span.

Wrapping Up

College life can be an incredibly frustrating experience to those that choose to do it all themselves. By using these five quick hacks, you can give yourself the opportunity to achieve more with your time. One of life’s most essential skills is learning how to abdicate and allocate challenging tasks to those people that have the skills necessary to do the job better than you can.

Understanding that you cannot handle everything yourself is the first step to finding a solution that frees up your time, improves your grades, and brightens your prospect of the future.