4-year-old Boy Mauled to Death by Stray Dogs in Hyderabad CCTV Video Footage

Another horrific news has shocked not just a single state but an entire country after a boy was mauled to death by dogs on the streets of Hyderabad. Yes, 3-4 street dogs attacked a boy who was just 4 years old. According to the sources, the entire incident was captured in a CCTV camera after which, it was identified what happened at the scene. Let us tell you that the attack took place at a housing society in Hyderabad. The boy, who sustained several serious injuries, passed away shortly after being taken to the hospital for treatment. He was declared dead at the hospital.

What Happened In Amberpet Locality?

Now, the CCTV footage of the incident spread all over the Internet, and those who are watching the entire incident, mourning for the boy who lost his life in this incident. In the video, a 4 years old boy can be seen walking around playfully alone on the road when a pack of street dogs attacks him. Along with this, the boy can also be seen making efforts to escape the place but to no avail. Now, the boy has been identified as Pradeep, 4, who was mauled to death by street dogs in the Amberpet locality of Hyderabad on Sunday, February 19, 2023.

What Happened In Amberpet Locality?

The deceased has been identified as Pradeep who was just 4 years old. Unfortunately, he succumbed to injuries in the hospital after he was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead. According to the sources, Pradeep’s father Gangadhar who is a security guard had taken him to his workplace. The street dogs attacked him while he was roaming alone.

Almost 3-4 dogs approached him on the road and one of them push him to the ground. Then, they start pulling at his clothes as the child struggles to get free but he couldn’t. Every time he tries to get up, the dog attacks him and brings him down. Soon, all dogs approached him and bit him all over. Three puppies were seen looking on as the big ones keep biting the child and drag him to the corner area.

No complaint has been filed by the family at the police station. Since the news caught the attention of people on social media, many are spreading the awareness to stay away and keep themselves from these dogs as they can become aggressive at any time. Unfortunately, the entire family is going through a difficult time.

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