68 dead in blaze after Venezuela jail inmates start fire, steal guard’s gun to escape

68 dead in blaze after Venezuela jail inmates start fire, steal guard’s gun to escape: A fire allegedly set for the duration of an attempted jailbreak from Venezuelan police already hold cells killed 68 people on Wednesday, one of the most top prosecutors of the nation and an inmates’ rights group told.

68 dead in blaze after Venezuela jail inmates start fire, steal guard’s gun to escape

The blaze at the custody facility in Carabobo state is the said to be a brand series of these risky incidents which took place in the overcrowded jails of Venezuela.

“In light of the terrible events that took place in the Carabobo state police headquarters, where 68 people died in a presumed fire, we have appointed four prosecutors… to clarify these dramatic events,” chief prosecutor Tarek William Saab said on Twitter.

Carlos Nieto, head of Una Ventana a la Libertad (A Window on Freedom), told that “some burned to death and others asphyxiated” post set fire to mattresses and stealing a guard’s gun the goons also attempt to break out.

The dead is consists of the two women thought to have been arrived in the jail to visit during the period of the incident, Nieto said.

Rafael Lacava, the governor of Carabobo state, shared his views regarding his “consternation” greater than the events but did not offer a toll.

“A serious and profound investigation has been initiated to find the causes and those responsible for these regrettable events,” he said on Twitter, expressing expresses the grief for the relatives of those who died.

Relatives of people who have been kept in the detention center tried to compel them to have their way into Carabobo state police headquarters.

Post one officer was injured by a stone; the crowd was distributed and spread by police firing tear gas.

A video shared on the Twitter display dozens of people demanding information in front of police and people also said they want protection from all anti-social element.

“I am a desperate mother. My son has been here a week. They have not given any information,” Dora Blanco told local media.

Dire prison conditions

Venezuela’s prisons undergo dire overcrowding and a deficiency of basic supplies, struggling under some intensify economic crisis which is gripping the once-wealthy oil-producing in the nation.

For the reason like the deficiency of the space in penitentiaries, convicts are time and again sent to police holding cells, which includes the  ones in Carabobo, meant to be used as temporary pens that are somehow doubtful for facing charges or court hearings, and now all detainees are supposed to expend a maximum of 48 hours also.

Nieto’s association approximate that the temporary detention centres can be also filled by the five times with their own capacity.

“All the police stations in Venezuela are facing similar or worse conditions of overcrowding, lack of food and disease,” he stated.

The association told that 65 people died in 2017 in the holding cells outstanding to violence, malnutrition or tuberculosis.

Two weeks ago, 58 detainees runaway holding cells on Margarita Island, a preferred tourist spot, when a hole opened up for all kind of facilities’ which can be recaptured soon.

In 2017, August a riot left 37 dead and 14 wounded in police cells in the southern state of Amazonas, and also in the April 2017 clash between rival gangs left 12 dead and 11 injured in the Puente Ayala prison which is situated in the eastern city of Barcelona.

On the previous month of that unfortunate incident, the remains of 14 people were found in a mass grave in the General Penitentiary of Venezuela, in San Juan de Los Morros in the nation’s main centre.