A Child without a Father in India?

A Child without a Father in India?: Well, you all may are tricked with the heading but that’s the truth, India have seen the first Child without a father as Tavishi Perara or you can say her birth certificate will read it like this. This all took place when Madras high court’s directing to the authorities to keep the column blank. You all should know that wasn’t a very easy step because she did fight for removing or leaving the blank, father column. Yes! Mathumitha Ramesh had to wage two rounds of litigation to ensure her daughter to get a birth certificate without the father’s name on it.

A Child without a Father in India?

As per the reports, Tavishi Perara’s mother was separated from her husband Charan Raj long before she born. Now, Tavishi was born in April 2017 through intrauterine fertility treatment with the help of a semen donor, which make her a unique child and she doesn’t really have a father legally.  After that things started getting worse when the Trichy Corporation commissioner, issued a certificate showing one Manish Madanpal Meena as the child’s ‘father’.

You all should know that Manish Madanpal Meena did help her, during her treatment but he wasn’t her daughter’s father. After that the mother asked the authorities seeking removal of Meena’s name, it was rejected on the ground that errors in a name could only be rectified, while removal was not possible.

After she hot rejected by the court various time, the revenue divisional officer was rejected on the ground that it was the registrar of births and deaths which was the competent authority to settle the issue. Mathumitha approached the court again, where her counsel argued that Meena’s name had “erroneously crept” into the certificate. Also, after that both Meena and Mathumitha’s estranged husband Charan Raj filed separate affidavits stating that neither of them was the child’s father.

In the end, we have seen that Justice M S Ramesh granted Mathumitha’s demand after it was clear that she had become pregnant through intrauterine fertility treatment and then he granted an order to the birth authorities to remove the name or left it blank.