Alex York Car Accident: New York Yankees Basketballer Killed In A Traffic Collision, Colorado

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Alex York Car Accident

Alex York Car Accident In Colorado

The investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing. It has been determined that a horrific car crash last fall in York County was responsible for the deaths of three teens. The Virginia State Police provided a copy of the incident report to 10 On Your Side. The report concluded that the driver’s rash speed, lack of experience, and unfamiliarity with the area all contributed to the tragedy. The incident happened on that date of 2019 (26 October). The state police report said there was no rain or other moisture on the roads and the night was clear. Around 10:00, three good friends of mine left the Tabb High School homecoming dance and headed east on Yorktown Road.

Alex York Car Accident Death

New York Yankees Basketballer Killed In A Traffic Collision

A short distance from the school, they reached a crossroads. As soon as neighbors heard about the accident, they called 911. When officers arrived, the 2015 BMW was overturned approximately 11 feet off the road. Several large trees were uprooted after being hit by the car. The bodies of three youths have been found at the crash site. Naile Tariov was the driver, and Logan Koontz and Conner Guido were the passengers. All were reportedly wearing their seatbelts. All airbags went off, but this was not enough to keep anyone safe from the impact. The driver, identified as Tariov, was going 65–70 mph in a 40 mph zone, as determined by the investigation.

Tariov only had a learner’s permit instead of an actual driver’s license. According to the report, he had recently moved to York County and was unfamiliar with the area’s roadways. The road was dark, so it is possible that he was going so fast that he could not see the upcoming turn and slowed down in time. Three people’s lives were brutally ended in a short span of time and they left behind their loved ones. We have shared every single piece of news about this case with you. So, Stay tuned to Dekh news for more updates about this case.

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