Today Twist! Amma 3rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode Zee tv

Today Twist! Amma 3rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode Zee tv :- The last week episode of the TV series Amma starts with Parvez is speaking with Kabir Bhai on the phone and he is keen to plan any massive conspiracy. On the nick of time, he has been caught by Zeenat’s friend but it is good for him that she did not hear anything. Kabir Bhai asked Parvez to control his wife Zeenat as she is doing something for the society which is actually annoying Kabir Bhai.

Amma 3rd September 2016

Parvez is worried and he thinks to speak with Zeenat about the same to see that Zeenat is there and she asked to him what you want to speak with me. He became anxious to see Zeenat and asked to her that he is only worried for Zeenat and Rehana.

He asked Zeenat that he thinks that Zeenat is not taking proper care of him and Zeenat. He also asked Zeenat that why you are struggling the lot for the strangers. But Zeenat said that she thinks for whom she is working she doesn’t consider them as strangers and she also stated for Zeenat her motive is to take care of poor people.

Now Zeenat meet with the labours and asked them to make jewellery by giving them proper payments. She also asked them to send the jewellery to different market which will be earning the huge amount. She also asked Parvez that she will be giving proper payment to the labours who are engaged in hard working.

She asked Parvez that he will have to fight the case of Hyder Bhai to give him justice as if today Hyder Bhai is fighting with his death so he should have justice.

Kabir Bhai thanks to traps the workers of the Zeenat to teach her lesson. Parvez thanks to catches the junior lawyers of Zeenat to, in order to stop Zeenat from achieving her mission. Till now Zeenat is not aware of her husband Parvez’s real identity but still she is not sceptical of him.

Next scene shows Zeenat asked Parvez that Mahboob Bhai calls me and said that somebody attack on Hyder Bhai, thank god goons has been caught. On being sceptical Parvez asked Zeenat is Hyder till alive which make Zeenat somehow fishy but still she did not doubt on Parvez.

Parvez asked Zeenat that he want to be an important part of her life about which Zeenat said he is already an important part of her life. Somehow Zeenat shocked to know from Parvez that even the basic rations stuff are also being selling in a market with the high price which is considered as black market and black money.

Now Zeenat thinks to fight with this black market and black money holder as she can’t see poor people go through starvations. Meanwhile, she also turns to be fishy for Parvez as she thinks that why Parvez is not there to support her in her good work. Stay tuned for more updates on the TV series Amma.