Aryan & Aradhya holds hand! Krishnadasi 24th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aryan & Aradhya holds hand! Krishnadasi 24th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Kumudini says i did this to save me and my daughter’s life 21years back, I swapped children, Shankari was with me, I wanted to prove that it’s not about blood but about upbringing.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

I give my grandson to Sanwat and Pavitra and take their daughter and handover her to Tulsi by saying that it is your daughter Aradhya. Everybody is shocked to know the reality.

Now Kumudini says to Abba that I did so as you hate Devdaasi and wish to kill them then this Aradhya who is the daughter of both Sashwat and Pavitra and I consider her to the Tulsi’s and Chima Ji’s kid. When Kumudini was saying so Aryan considers herself mental.

In that time Kumudini gives justification to her words by saying that you can remember, Aradhaya’s did not match with her own parents Tulsi and Chima Ji, they come forward to donate blood to her when she require the same and meet with the accident.

This is so as simply Aradhya is not daughter of Tulsi and Chima Ji and in that time Sashwat’s blood instead matches with Aradhya as Sashwat is the real dad of her and today Sashwat’s blood is going on the Aradhya’s body which makes her alive.

Everybody is shocked now and Kumudini is on her death bed, she also asked to Abba Saheb how you will react now to reveal about the Deshmukh family that they want to snatch everything from the Rao family.

Abba Saheb initially refused to believe the same but he compel to believe it when one Deshmukh member attack on him. But somehow Aryan manages to save him and looked on.

Recap: Aryan and Aradhya holds hand, Aryan says earlier we had taken Pheras of marriage forcefully earlier but today I wish to take the Pheras again with you by my own choice. Now Aradhya Aryan starts taking Pheras around fire in Mandir, Aryan says I swear to protect your dignity and honour, I will be always there for you.

Aradhya also confess the same to Aryan while taking Pheras and Aryan now announced that now I will never allow coming between us and eventually they embraced each other tightly.