#CAS Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

#CAS Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the historical TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat begins with Ashoka is looking broken down and he is now sitting on the funeral pyre site of his mother Dharma. Seeing Ashoka in a daze, Devi reprimands him for disrespecting his mother by not performing her last rites.


Finally, out of his melancholy state, Ashoka finds a diamond while gathering the ashes of his mother’s dead body and wonders if she died due to natural circumstances or was murdered. Earlier, Bindusara’s attempts to attack Sushim and Siamak’s convoys on the way to Ujjain and Takshila, are rendered futile.

Now Bindu actually take vow by sitting there in the cremation ground that he fail to save Dharma but he will be definitely going to save his motherland Magadha. Devi finds that Ashok is going dizzy somehow as well he is turning blue. Devi realised that he must consume poisoned somehow.

Devi is broken down in tears to see that Ashok turn blue but manages to save him. Siamak asked Bindu that he is keen to go to the Takshila and Bindu also did drama in front of him that he can go Takshila.

Siamak also did drama in front of Bindu that he cares for his motherland. Bindu decided to arrest the Siamak and Sushim as they do not care for their motherland. And now Bindu is looking to have an opportunity to trace Sushim and Siamak. He also sends soldiers who will stop Siamak from going out from Magadha.

RJ Acharya asked to him that we should trace Siamak and Sushim after Ashoka will be turn normal but Bindu asked to him that we can’t wait till Ashoka will be normal as we need to traces Siamak and Sushim ASAP.

So when Saimak and Sushim were on their way they had been attacked but Sushim fought with everyone and he defeat everybody. Chanda and Charu were also with them and they all now go, RJ Acharya unable to hold them. Bundu sees an Unani guy is helping there Siamak to run away.

Anyway, Devi asked Bindu that post-Dharma Maa’s death Ashoka now turns stubborn so they explain to Ashoka that he need to be normal now as even Maa want that.

Acharya asked to Ashoka that you will get something related to Dhrama Maa in the pot of her funeral pyre as she died Sughaagan so must, there will be an ornament of her and Ashoka see an ornament of his Maa. He is keen to find some clue of his Maa Dharma’s death h on the basis of this ornament.

Precap: A man shows jewellery’s design to Ashoka. The jewel fits perfectly. Ashoka says it is from Unan. Tell me the name. The guy takes Siamak’s name all scared.

Ashoka gets angry. Count your last breaths now Siamak. This time, you won’t be spared from getting the Kaal death.