Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Fire lights up

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 30th September 2016 Written Updates! Fire lights up :- he latest crux of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is yet to showcase that Jagannath’s intention to have Ashoka framed is fulfilled when Sushim stabs Kaurwaki. But, is Kaurwaki the one really stabbed? Sushim and Jagannath successfully pin Kaurwaki’s death on Ashoka and sentence him to death. Vitt’s frantic pleading causes Bindusara to postpone the execution to the next day, but Sushim wants Ashoka burnt alive. Will Ashoka be able to escape his impending death sentence it is yet to clear!


The last night episode of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat showcase that Jaganath blames Ashoka for Kaurvaki’s demise. Sushim also announced that he is the Samrat of Magadh now as Bindu announced the same. Jagannath also asked about Ashoka that he actually deceaves Maagdh.

Jaganath asked Bindu that Ashoka sends his wife Devi to meet with Kaurvaki with an evil motive, but Devi said she went to meet with Kaurvaki on her own choice Ashoka even was not aware of it. Sushim intervenes by saying that she is Ashoka’s wife so she will be supporting Ashoka but the fact is that Ashoka killed Kaurvaki.

Sushim announced that he will be giving punishment to Ashoka as he is the killer of Kaurvaki and Sushim being Samrat of Magadha going to give justice to Jagannath who loses his daughter. Jagannath said that Kaurvaki hates Ashoka and Ashoka killed Kaurvaki to seek his revenge from her.

Ashoka cries in front of Bindu, Veet and Devi cry for Ashoka but due to Bindu is now in the clutch of Charu and Sushim so he is mute. Sushim tortures Ashoka but Acharya RG stop him from doing so and Acharya also asked to Sushim that for right now he will be followed Ashoka as for now Ashoka is his Samrat although Sushim will be Samrat for Acharya in coming days so in that time Acharya will follow him.

Sushim said Ashoka will be punished so Devi broke down. Ashoka is in the jail and Jagannath wants Ashoka to be punished anyhow. Ashoka also now give up and he is locking in jail. Sushim is happy to see this as it is for him a winning moment.

Devi pledges to Kaurvaki to get up as she is the only person who can save Ashoka as Sushim is going to burn Ashoka alive and it will be a big injustice not only for Ashoka and his family, in fact for the entire Magadha.

Ashoka pledge to Acharya that after his death please make Vit reached somewhere else where he can live with peace and the place should have no connection with Magadh or Patliputra.

Precap: Ashoka is brought to the place where he is to be set afire. Fire lights up.