Ashoka is angry and fight with soldiers! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode of the historical TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat started with Kaurvaki is unable to sleep, she is continuously dreaming of Ashoka in some problem (getting whipped by someone like in reality). She wakes up screaming. Her Daasi Bela comes there to take care of the Kaurvaki and Kaurvaki asked to them that she is worry for the Ashoka.

Ashoka is angry and fight with soldiers! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Bela asked to Kaurvaki that nothing happened to the Ashoka, it was a dream. Just don’t take his name or Maharaj will punish you. Kaurvaki said I am feeling like helpless. Now Kaurvaki said to Bela that I need to meet with Ashoka to make sure that he is fine. Bela said this is impossible, how you can meet with him now, Kaurvaki said no I need to meet with him.

I am living for only Ashoka and I need to meet with him,
In the mean time, Ramayana Path was going on in the Patliputra, Sushim is thinking about how to get rid of Ashoka. He recalled Tantric’s words even I will use black magic if require in order to get rid from Ashoka.

Now Shubhrasi reads Ramayana aloud for everyone. Subhrasi read in the Ramayana to follow right path although it will be full on pain and hindrances but still, you have to follow the right path and you need to do the noble works. You can’t look after other thing and you have to control your greed for the same.
Now Charu and Sushim looked on each other and Subhraasi continue giving her Gyaan about the Ramayana as she was busy doing the Ramayana Path.

But Sushim who is still jealous on Ashoka managed to creates conspiracy against him and he discussed the same with the Bindu. Bindu now asked to the Ashoka that it is now your habit to create obstacles in every good deed. Ashoka says you don’t trust me but you do trust Sushim. An insider informed Khurasani’s about the secret tunnel. He was right. Now Ashoka shows the paper to Bindu in which something written in the Unani language.

Ashoka said now to the Bindu that these have been written by Saimak and Saimak is aware of the language. Bindu is stunned and shocked to hear so.

Precap: Helena asked to Ashoka who killed Chanakya. Helena warned Ashoka that don’t dare to do the same which Chanakya did unless I will be your worst enemy. But Ashoka said I am here to see revenge of the death of Chanakya and who will be coming towards me, I won’t leave him.