BJP Bhopal Singh Bhole Tried To Commit Suicide: Why?

We are sharing with you a recent piece of information that a BJP leader has tried to comment suicide. The news has been reported from Jaunpur, Utter Pradesh. Our sources have provided us that a BJP district minister Bhopal Singh alias Bhole attempts suicide by taking poison. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon. Bhopal Singh is the leader of the BJP Farmer’s Front in Jounpur. It has been reported that the Farmer’s leader and district minister, was annoyed by the proceedings of the police and took this extreme step. What is the root cause of tracking this extreme step by him and what were his expectations from the administration, we are providing the entire information in this article so go through it.

BJP Bhopal Singh Bhole Tried To Commit Suicide

BJP Bhopal Singh Bhole Tried To Commit Suicide

It has been reported that a lawsuit was filed against Bhopal Singh for obstructing traffic on the highway on 14th May. Bhopal Singh was choking the highway with a group of people after an accident incident that caused the death of two persons. He also blamed the police for the ill behaviour of the police officials with the women of his family when the police reached his house to grab him for jamming the highway. The farmer leader also accused the police officers of destroying his Namkeen factory. Bhopal Singh uploaded a video on social media for sharing the ill behaviour of the police administration, especially the harassment by police chief Dhananjay Singh and Triveni Singh.

The details of the news are telling us that police were searching for Bhopal Singh as the former with the help of a crowd created havoc on the highway on 14th May. The crowd at that time pelt stones at the police officials. The police charged around 100 people and Bhopal Singh was absconding. The police also invoiced dozens of people including Bhopal Singh. Police also filed a case against the crowd for attacking police officials under CLA Act 7.

Bhopal Singh claimed that the police just wanted to take revenge under the supervision of Police Chief Dhananjay Singh so bribed at night around 3 am and started harassing the family members and beating all members including women of the house. This was not the right way to arrest him as Bhopal Singh expressed in his video that he shared on social media. Annoyed by the harassment of the police administration he took this extreme step. This incident has been hyped up now and people of the area are enraged as Bhopal Singh is in critical condition and is admitted in a private hospital. More information is awaited. Stay tuned.

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