BluArmor BluSnap 2 Review: Perfect Wearable Helmet Cooler

As the winter season is gone and summer is approaching fast along with its awful heat wave. This might not be so much alarming for the people who travel through their cars but for those who travel on their motorcycle every day will have the need of some break from the sun and also from the growing pollution. OnePlus 7 Price in India

BluArmor BluSnap helmet cooler review

For those who don’t want to face such the dreadful heat, we have the new BluSnap2 from AptEner Mechatronics, with an upgrade from its preceding product, BluSnap. The BluArmor BluSnap2 is the way out for every Indian who has ever ridden in the summer has desired for. An air conditioning system for the helmet which will make you feel cool even outside in the heat and traffic. Ideas to Save Money Online on Clothes

Perfect relief for awful heat wave & dust summers

The new Blusnap2 is a clip-on air cooler that can be give way on to only full-faced helmets using a chin mount. It comprises of a fan in the front that pulls in air from the outside however the filter attached in it cools down the temperature and tosses it inside the helmet direct on the face, which is quite calming and soothing when the outside temperature climbs to above 40 degree mark.

The air cooler functions its magic for around an hour or so in advance it had to be immersed in water for about 10 seconds to get the dirt washed away. This is an update from the earlier BluSnap air cooler which had to be filled with water with a chance of the water leakage.

The battery of the air cooler operates for around 10 hours on full charge and necessitates around 2 to 3 hours to refill.

The only complain regarding the product which most of the people talk about is that it needs to be attached after wearing the helmet and not before, which is quite a burdensome job.

You need a helping hand in the beginning, but it becomes simpler after a number of tries. An additional concern is that it hold back neck movement because of its size but at 260gms it is lighter than the product it replaces.

In India there have been various places which have worst air in the world, particularly in the cities, and every time you open your visor you breathe in all of that. The filter in the BluSnap2 traps all the dirt and dust particles because of which what you breathe is cleaner and cooler.

Really? How does it work?

It is quite simple really. The device houses a small fan that sucks in air. Just behind the fan is a removable filter that needs to be dunked in water. Thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, hot air passing over water cools down (ask an 8thstandard student why) and it is directed into the helmet from underneath. Viola! Cool air.

If you are okay with this, then at Rs 2,299, the BluSnap2 is the perfect choice for summers despite the fact that it is being the only detachable cooler accessible in the market.

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