Today Epic Twist! Brahmarakshas 8th October 2016 Written Updates Episode

Today Epic Twist! Brahmarakshas 8th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The horror TV series “Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan” is all set to showcases that Raina to don a sexy nightwear as she just losing a bet with Rishabh and Rishabh make a challenge with her that if she will loose the bet than she will be showing her sexy avatar to him.


In the upcoming episodes, the family is seen looking after an injured Mitali (Srashti Maheshwari). Meanwhile, Dadi announces that in the house we are going to have a grand reception for Rishab (Ahem Sharma) and Raina (Krystle D’Souza), the newlywed couple. Just then suddenly Yug arrives and he looks so much of hurt because of the wounds he is having.

Mohini and the Shrivastava family asked to him what happen but Yug did not reveal anything which makes Raina sceptical of him. Raina tries to dig out information about Yug that suddenly how he can be injured but all goes in vain as Raina did not have to know anything.

Apu (Kishwer Merchant), on the other hand, is excited about trapping Yug and she planned a deal with him. When she learns about Raina and Rishab’s reception Appu just in that time take a vow that she will be ruin both Raina and Rishabh’s life.

While Raina tries to ask something to Rishab that she is sceptical of Yug but Rishabh did not hear anything and also he placed a bet with her. In the bet, Rishabh asked Raina that she need to do something which will be really difficult for her and Raina said okay I will be wearing the sexy dress which Dadi bring for me if I lose the bet.

at the reception Raina makes Dadi announce about Rishab’s performance where he’d be required to sing. And even though Rishab starts off completely out of tune, but he just surprised everybody by singing a melodious song. Now Raina looks panic as she will have to wear the sexy dress as she loses the bet.

On the other hand post-Brahmarakshas’s death now another Rakshas is yet to arrive in the Shrivastava mansion to ruin the life of the Shrivastava family.