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BYU Students HD Video Parody {Dark Lord Funk} Goes Viral

Harry Potter Parody of Uptown Funk- Dark Lord Funks BYU Students Viral This Video’s The video was posted to YouTube Wednesday and has already been picked up by The Huffington Post, MTV and Cosmopolitan.BYU to produce parody videos for his YouTube channel, KFaceTV.  He plays Harry Potter in the video and said he is thrilled by the attention the video has received.The video gathered over 350,000 views within the first two days of publication.Uptown Funk,” starring the Dark Lord and his funky Death Eaters — and it’s good enough to Avada Kedavra you.In some alternate universe, Tom Riddle didn’t meet his demise at Harry’s wand. Instead, he’s somewhere out there creating viral videos.

Harry Potter Parody of Uptown Funk- Dark Lord

Harry Potter Parody of Uptown Funk- Dark Lord

Dark Lord Funks HD Video Cast & Crew

Director: Keith Allen

Producers: Keith Allen, Marcus Joseph, and Andrew Carver

Filmer: Marcus Joseph

Production Designers: Andrew Carver, Nate Bonham

Instrumental Music: Marcus Joseph, Keith Allen

Writer: Keith Allen

Editors: Marcus Joseph, Keith Allen, and Andrew Carver

Costumes: Keith Allen, Mikell Price

Make-Up: Ariana Davis, Mikell Price

Props: Nate Bonham

Production Assistant: Nick Sales, Mont Toronto

Location Help: David Rowe, Jared Bell


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