China: Typhoon Lekima killed dozens of people & many are missing!

China: Typhoon Lekima killed dozens of people & many are missing: Typhoon Lekima is becoming more stronger and after so much destruction it finally hits the south China as predicted earlier. The death toll in China has increased to 28 with also leaving 20 more people missing, local authorities say.

According to the officials, there are about five million people in Zhejiang province who have been affected by Typhoon Lekima with more than one million have evacuated to safe spaces.

China: Typhoon Lekima killed dozens of people & many are missing!

Lekima made its first landfall in Wenling, between Taiwan and China’s financial capital Shanghai, in the early hours of Saturday with very strong winds as well as heavy rain.

Most of the victims were killed when severe rainstorms caused a landslide in Yongjia County, which afterward blocked a river, before victims were swept away.

This typhoon is considered to be the ninth to hit China this year. It made landfall at 1:45 a.m. Saturday (1:45 p.m. ET Friday) in Zhejiang, as per to Xinhua.

The agency said that the typhoon has damaged more than 173,000 hectares of crops and has also wrecked 34,000 houses.

“The direct economic loss amounts to $2.1 billion,” Xinhua added in the statement.

The National Meteorological Center of China has warned on Sunday that Lekima was moving northwards and it was expected to make another landfall along the coastline in Shandong late Sunday, carrying strong winds as well as heavy rain.

On Friday, the local authorities in Taiwan’s capital Taipei have declared that businesses and schools would be suspended because of the typhoon. Even though the island was out of danger from the worst of the typhoon, but it still saw some rain.

Lekima passed by the southern Ryukyu Islands of Japan, which comprises of Okinawa, where the locals have experienced over 200mm (7.8in) of rain as well as winds of up to 168kph (104mph).

Various footages on Sunday from state broadcaster CCTV showed rescue workers on boats in Linhai city where streets were entirely flooded in water.

Lekima has now passed over Shanghai and now it is projected to hit Shandong province later on Sunday.

There are about more than 3,200 flights which have been cancelled due to the typhoon with Shanghai, Beijing as well as other cities grounding airplanes.

Previously, Asia last saw a super typhoon in the month of September, when Super Typhoon Mangkhut caused chaos and destruction all across China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. There were millions of residents were evacuated, and at least 54 people died at that calamity.

Typhoon Lekima is the ninth typhoon of the year, Xinhua news said – but the strongest storm seen in many years. At first, it was given China’s maximum level of weather warning but was then later reduced to an “orange” level.