Class 4 girl died due to consumption of acid in the lunch break

Class 4 girl died due to consumption of acid in the lunch break: An 11-year-old girl succumbed to death on Tuesday after she consumed toilet cleaning acid unknowingly. The deceased is identified as Sanjana, a class 5 student of a private school in northeast Delhi’s Harsh Vihar. This incident took place during the lunch break when both girld were having their lunch together. It happened due to other girl mistakenly brought the toilet cleaner bottle instead of the regular water bottle.

Girl Dies After Drinking Water From Friend’s Bottle, Turns Out it Contained Cleaning Acid

Deputy Commissioner of Police Atul Kumar Thakur said that a case of death due to carelessness under Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code was registered at the Harsh Vihar police station against unknown persons.

Atul Kumar Thakur said, “We are probing the case to fix the responsibility on the person whose negligence claimed the life of 11-year-old Sanjana (single name). The liquid that the girl consumed has been sent to the forensic laboratory along with the plastic bottle to ascertain the nature of acid.”

The 11 year old succumbed to death due to her internal injuries caused by the acid. Sanjana died during the treatment at Government hospital. She lived with her parents and brother in Harsh Vihar in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The girl was a Class 5 student at Deep Bharti Public School located nearby her house.

On Tuesday bringing light to the case, a police officer associated said that the students of both 4th and 5th class were made to sit together as the teacher of 4th class was on leave.  Meanwhile, Sanjana was also made to sit with a 4th class student. During the lunch break, Sanjana and the class 4th student were having their lunch together when Sanjana felt thirsty. She asked the other girl that if she could drink water from her water bottle. The girl gave Sanjana her water bottle and as she drank the acid, the girl collapsed.

“When Sanjana consumed the liquid, she felt a burning sensation in her throat and started screaming. By the time the school staffers rushed to the classroom, Sanjana began throwing up and fell unconscious. The school administration informed Sanjana’s parents and rushed her to Guru Teg Bahadur hospital. She succumbed to internal injuries in the evening,” the officer said.

The police spoke with the class 4th student and her parents and came to know that the girl took wrong bottle to the school. She mistakenly took the similar bottle that contained acid instead of her regular water bottle.

“The girl’s mother told us that she had kept toilet cleaning acid in a similar bottle and had kept it in the room. The girl mistook it for her water bottle,” the officer said.

Rest investigation is going on over this case and the deceased family members are requesting the administration to bring justice to her.