Coronation Street spoilers reaction after the death of Michael Rodwell

Coronation Street spoilers reaction after the death of Michael RodwellThe storyline of Pat Phelan has just led to the tragic death of Les Dennis’ character Michael Rodwell. With Michael having been left to die by Phelan, who could have helped him, the storyline has taken a new direction.

Here’s how it will affect the main players moving forward in the stroyline.



Phelan is forced to consider making a run for it. Fearing the scam is about to be blown, he heads to the airport but there are several shocks in store. Will he return to face the music, will he escape with the cash stolen from Weatherfield or will the law catch up with him and deliver his comeuppance?


Anna worked with Michael to get the evidence against Phelan and as she tried to distract him, his stolen phone rang and alerted him to the fact that Anna was just a decoy to buy Michael time. Anna sent Gary to save Michael but he was too late and Phelan managed to get rid of him without him discovering the body.

But when Michael is found dead, surely Anna will suspect foul play.


Gail does not have much luck with her husbands. She now has a fourth husband to bury.


As Eileen demands answers, will she finally accept that she was wrong all along about letting Phelan into her life? And how will she feel when she learns that her ex Michael has died?


Todd faces the difficult task of calling a meeting with residents and breaking the news that all of their money has gone, but will he come clean about knowing and even participating in the scam? Or can he persuade everyone that he was duped just as much as everyone else?


Phelan informs Vinny that the plan is about to be exposed, then Vinny requests him to play it cool as they arrange to meet and leave town. But, Phelan discovers that Vinny has already left without him and the bank account has been cleared, is Vinny about to double cross his partner in crime and leave Phelan with nothing?


Andy is not actually the son of Michael. As Andy reels from Michael’s death, will he cotton on to Phelan’s involvement, knowing how much Michael hated him and warned everyone about him?