Forest Road Video: 3 UNTOLD Things About Trending Bodaboda Guys Video Viral Details

There are a number of incidents occurring of assault in western countries; however, this has become a serious concern in other countries too. Lately, a video of the lady driver has gone viral therein she has been noticed being victimised of an assault of some boda boda riders. This news has sought the attention of netizens to such an extent that there is a moment going on on social media with respect to bringing justice to the victim lady. This viral video has been expressed to be of a Kenyan lady. It is being said that the victim woman is driving her car.

Forest Road Video

All of a sudden, some boda boda riders came and initiated assaulting her. The suspects fettered her with the seat belt of the car seat and are ripping her clothes. For the time being she is screaming.  The National Police Service of Kenya has expressed that the same incident has taken place on Friday, 4th March 2022. The NPA of Kenya has expressed that the video has gone viral on 7th March as a result the incident has sought the attention of the general mass. This incident has reportedly taken place along Forrest Road, Nairobi.

Forrest Road Video

Nowadays, there is a video of the Kenyan woman is getting viral therein she is being assaulted. This video has become a topic of conversation for the people of not only Kenya but also all across the world. The woman is in her car on the driving seat and some riders are physically assaulting the concerned woman. She is screaming in the entire video.

The video is showing the pitty of the victim girl and also questions the security measures in the context of the women’s safety in Kenya. The girl in the video has been victimised of physical assault inside a car by some boda boda riders.

Consequently; she is helplessly screaming in the video as some men are ripping her clothes. She has gone through such pain and threat that no one can express with words. The name of the victim woman has not been revealed by the police due to privacy reasons.

Police investigation in Forrest Assault case

The NPA of Kenya is actively probing this case. They have revealed that the concerned woman is under mental trauma. This incident has taken place on 4th March 2022. Some of the suspects have been arrested and they will be presented before a court of law soon.

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