Golden Retriever Puppy Cute Video Viral On Tiktok Watch Video

There are a number of videos going viral day by day on the internet along with various social media platforms. People are making videos and uploading them on their respective social handles. This has become a strand in the people of the present era to make and upload videos on social networking sites in their free time. However; a number of people have made it to be a full-time career. Although several videos are there that have become the talk of the town on the internet yet the video of Tantrums has become the most liked video in recent days. The viral video that is featuring Tantrums has been melting the heart of people with the adorable looks of Tantrums.

Golden Retriever Puppy Cute Video Viral On Tiktok Watch Video

Tantrums is nothing but a cute puppy that has been featured in the discussed TikTok video and the video is being liked by all the netizens all across the internet. People are crazy to forward this video to all of their beloved ones. The video belongs to the TikTok handle ‘caligoldenretrievers’ that was uploaded from the same account on 3rd January 2022. As per the social media sources, this video has been watched and liked by so many TikTok users that it has secured more than 2 million views within a short span of a few days. There in the discussed video, the adorable puppy is trying to say something that has been pleasing the mind of all the viewers.

Golden Retriever Puppy Cute Video Viral On Tiktok Watch Video Golden Retriever Puppy Cute Video Viral On Tiktok Watch Video

Who is the viral puppy?

The viral puppy is so cute and adorable that people cannot help keep on looking at him. It seems that the puppy must be around 6 months old. The viral puppy is Tantrums according to the content of the viral video. It is a golden retriever puppy in the video who has become a topic of the conversation of people. There are many animals who have got famed on the account of such viral videos. Just like other viral animals, Tantrums puppy has also become famous on TikTok and other social media sites.

Explaining the viral video

In the video, a puppy is barking at a man and the man has recorded the moment. He added some text that makes the video look like the dog is not barking but talking in the language of human beings. It seems that the mother asks the puppy for some milk for the puppy. Later, the mother says that “You are not listening to me.” In response, the text “No” is added as if the puppy were saying. This video has been licked by more than 500000 TikTok users along with 1600 comments.

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