Indira Gandhi 34th Death Anniversary October 31 2018, Facts about her & photos

You all should know that today is the Indira Gandhi Death Anniversary 2018. You all can read all updates about the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary which took place on 31st October. She was India’s first woman prime minister and served the country from 1966 to 1976 and from 1980 to 1984. We think that the Indira Gandhi death anniversary 2018 is one of the sad days for the Congress party but they do remember this day as a big day.

Indira Gandhi 34th Death Anniversary

As you all may know that she was an eminent figure of the Indian National Congress. Also, she was the greatest and she did introduce a lot of things under her leadership for Congress and India. You all should know that Indira Gandhi is remembered for giving strong leadership to the country during the conflict with Pakistan in 1971. Overall, she is one of the most amazing and she even did nationalize the oil companies after the war against Pakistan when India faced a crisis.

Indira Gandhi Quotes sayings with images

You all should know that she was the one who introduced the Green Revolution in India. Also, you all should know that it was instrumental in curbing India’s food shortage. Also, the operation blue star was ordered by her in order to fight the Sikh militants. Even she was assassinated by her own Sikh bodyguards. You all may know that today is the day when India pays homage to the Iron lady of India for her devotion towards the country.

We have seen that the politicians and other dignitaries pay floral tribute at her memorial Shakti Sthal, New Delhi. You’ll see that a lot of people come together and they love and share their ideas about the Indira Gandhi Death Anniversary 2018.  A lot of functions take place in an order to respect her memories and to remember her. Indira Gandhi Death Anniversary 2018 updates are given here and we are sure that you all are going to love this article.

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