Apple iPhone 11 Price, Release Date, Specification, Features, Leak Rumor Images & Reviews

Apple iPhone 11 Price, Release Date, Specification, Features, Leak Rumor Images & Reviews: Apple is taking its time to launch the iPhone 11 in the market. You all can check out the iPhone 11 Price, Review, Specifications, release date, features, and rumors down here. Reports are coming that the company is working on the triple camera feature. Also, it is expected to come out with bigger batteries, and the wireless charging is also expected to be released. Apple iPhone 11 is going to make a big impact in the market. iPhone 11 Launch Date


  • Apple may launch three iPhones in 2019, similar to what it did in 2018
  • One of these iPhones is likely to be called the iPhone XI.
  • Apple is expected to launch the 2019 iPhones in September.

iPhone 11 Release Date

Some sources are saying that the new model will come out with dot image sensor in the camera. This new tech will work on the device’s color purity and accuracy. We are expecting that the iPhone 11 will come out with USB-C Lightning charging cables. Also, the rumors are coming that Apple is currently working on iOS 13 which is under the beta program. iPhone 11 Cost

You all should know that Apple is already rumored to be testing out several iPhone 2019 concepts months in advance. Reports are coming that the iPhone XI 11 is really going to make you all amazed. Also, some of you might want to know that iPhone 11 leaks to pore over on this page. We are going to cover everything related to the iPhone Xi down here. We don’t really have much about it right now but we will update this page soon.

So far the launch date of iPhone 11 isn’t out but some rumors are saying that the company will launch the Smartphone in the middle of the September. Some people are expecting the 5g tech in the new mobile but we aren’t expecting anything like that. Apple announced the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR on Sept. 12, 2018 so we think that they are going to launch a new model on the same date. iPhone 11 Specs

iPhone 11 Price

iPhone 11 is expected to be a little expensive. We are expecting that the iPhone X will start from $1000 minimum. We are expecting that the company will launch the smartphone at a hiked price. Even though, some Guru’s online predicting that the company could launch some mid-range smartphones. As you all might know that Google has already launched some mid-range smartphones such as Google’s Pixel 3a ($399) and Pixel 3a XL ($479), which deliver remarkably good cameras for a very aggressive price tag.

Last year’s iPhone XS launched at a price of £999/$999, much like the iPhone X before it. It would seem a safe bet to assume that the iPhone 11 will cost a similar amount.

iPhone 11: Battery life, USB-C and 5G

Recent rumours from respect Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggest that the iPhone 11 will pack a huge battery. We’re talking about a 25% capacity boost.

iPhone 11 Underwater Mode & Triple camera sensor

Also, the reports are coming that the iPhone XI 11 could be the next big thing in the market for sure. Even you all should know that economically Apple isn’t selling as many iPhones as previously forecast which makes a bit problem for them. Some people are saying that this time they are going to launch a few under budget down in price iPhones in the market. iPhone 11 Design

iPhone 11: Apple’s latest iPhone name leaks

Now, the reports are suggesting that the company is working on something different this time. They already know that Oneplus, Google Pixel, Samsung, and a few other companies are doing very well in the market. Also, the mid-range companies like Xiaomi, RealmE, and moto are doing very well in the market. People are expecting that Apple will do some innovation with technology this time.

We have seen some leaked tweets, and documents which are claiming that the iPhone 11 will launch near September 2019. It is easy to predict the new innovative changes in the smartphone. Also, the company has launched the new Dark Mode as well as enhancements to existing apps like Photos and Maps.

iPhone 11: When is the next iPhone out?

We’ve had a September iPhone launch event in each of the past seven years, so we’d be shocked if the iPhone 11 didn’t see that trend continued for a September 2019 launch.

Here’s when previous iPhone models have been announced:

  • iPhone − January 2007
  • iPhone 3G − June 2008
  • iPhone 3GS − June 2009
  • iPhone 4 − June 2010
  • iPhone 4S − October 2011
  • iPhone 5 − September 2012
  • iPhone 5S − September 2013
  • iPhone 6 − September 2014
  • iPhone 6S − September 2015
  • iPhone SE − March 2016
  • iPhone 7 − September 2016
  • iPhone X/iPhone 8 − September 2017
  • iPhone XS − September 2018

iPhone 11 Specifications

A report suggested back in 2018 that Apple was planning a triple-lens camera array in at least one of the iPhones it will release in 2019. Also, the sources updated that the cameras would offer advanced 3D sensing and will use stereoscopic vision. Early reports suggested that the company will use a special dark coating to conceal the third lens on the back of its new phones. Even Apple could also use the technique on its front camera.

iPhone 11 Features

Some news websites online and offline claimed that all the rumors aren’t going to work out. Apple has been working with Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) for years to supply the processors in its iPhones. So the reports have confirmed that the company isn’t going to make any changes in the new arrival model. Also, Apple has already inked a deal with TSMC to exclusively supply the processor for 2019 and it means that the company will go on with iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Rumors & News

Samsung, LG, and OnePlus have already offered the 5G service but still, Apple isn’t looking in a mood of launching the 5G service. Apple likely won’t deliver a 5G iPhone until 2020. However, we don’t think that this year 5G phones are going to make a wave. We are also expecting that the 5G services will come out after 2019 only. Apple may have held out on adding 5G support to its phones is a years-long legal dispute with Qualcomm.

Some of you might know that the reports are coming that the company is working o to a more significant upgrade than last year’s rather incremental iPhone XS design. We are also expecting something major from the company and so far the reports are coming positive. You all should know that the iPhone X redesigned launched in late 2017. We are expecting that the rear camera may get a big upgrade and you all are going to love it.