Is Pope Dead Or Alive? Mistakenly Declared Died In TV Blinder!

The news of Pope Francis was announced mistakenly yesterday on the occasion of Christmas. This news created an environment of sorrow all over the world. The ITV News is responsible for spreading the rumour of the death of Pope Francis. Saturday, 26th December 2021, the news was aired by the ITV News announcer Kylie Pentelow. It was a blunder while she was addressing a piece of news meanwhile she made a mistake by announcing Jorge Mario Bergoglio, prominently known as Pope Francis, to be dead. He is an 85-year-old Pope. The news was addressed on a live TV Christmas Day. This is not expected from the side of a renowned and responsible news media to present false news.

Pope Dead


Is Pope Dead Or Alive?

However; the news announcer made an apology right after she realized her mistake. She mentioned the death of the Pope while adding “eh, excuse me” as if she had realised her mistake. Later, she started having comments on social media. She was being trolled on Twitter. This news could have caused to develop such big trouble for the concerned news channel that it could have led to ITV News facing a mass level of protection. Pope Francis is ideal for millions of people all over the world.

The news announcer, Kylie Pentelow, initiated the news telecast with the news of the latest speech of Pope Francis. Pope had given a speech on Saturday, on the eve of Christmas. He gives an annual pep talk to guide people wherein he had stated that all the needy countries must be required with the vaccine so the people could be saved. He is such a generous personality that he gives a message to save humanity. He gives messages whenever it is required. He is deemed as the leader; hence, people from all across the world. Thereafter; people initiated making as well as threatening the concerned news broadcasting agency and the concerned news anchor on various social media platforms.

Reaction of netizens

People on social media platforms, especially Twitter, trolled Kylie Pentelow. One used commented that if Pope dies anyhow, it will be a serious concern for the news agency because the police will break into the office and agency to take strict actions against all of the higher authorities of the news agency and also Kylie Pentelow. Another user stated that someone should fetch some water for the announcer, everyone makes mistakes. As a result, the announcer and ITV News made an apology.

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