Is Quando Rondo Get Shot Today? What Happened To Quando Rondo? American Rapper Passed Away

Nowadays, the news of the death of the American rapper has been spread on various social media sites. As a result, there are a number of posts on the internet that are claiming the demise of Quando Rondo on 2nd May 2022. This news has been expressed by many social media users. For the last few days, this news is knocking on several social media platforms.

Is Quando Rondo Get Shot Today

On the account of the viral posts, his fans have initiated mourning and sharing showing their grieves in the comment section of the respective post. As per the viral posts, Quando Rondo has been killed by someone in a shooting attack. It is being said that the rapper was somewhere outside his house and someone shot him to death. This news has been circulated all across the internet.

Although the news has been shared on the internet yet the best has not been asserted by his family members, friends and other close relatives. This article is intended to share this viral news of the shooting and death of Quando Rondo.

Is Quando Rondo dead?

He is a rapper, singer and songwriter. He is popularly known for his song named “I Remember.” He was born in Savannah, Georgia, the United States on 23rd March 1999. He is 22-year-old. Quando Rondo is his stage name and his birth name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman. He is also known as Ty-Quando and Q-Pac by his fans.

The news of the death of Quando Rondo gas become a serious concern for his family. People are wondering to know whether he is alive or he is dead. People are having doubt on the news of the death of the concerned artist as the same news has been spread many times in the pats. As far as we know, the American singer “Quando Rondo” is not dead. IThe news of his passing away is nothing but a rumour.

Was Quando Rondo shot?

The news of the death of the same artist by a gunshot is getting viral. As a result, people are willing to know about the present state of the discussed singer. It is important to know that he had experienced an almost death experience. However, he did not get the bullet shot but one of his friends got injured in this incident that occurred in the year 2021. Since 2021, the news of his death has been rumoured many times.

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