Is This New Rs 2000 Note Of Indian Currency By RBI? Pics Going Viral On Social Media

Rs 2000 Note of Indian Currency: Reserve Bank of India had planned to launch new notes for INR 2000 some months ago. Some pictures of this so thought notes are going viral on social media. However, RBI has not released any official statement regarding it yet.


As per the unconfirmed reports that it will start circulating in the market by March 2017. RBI has not said anything about it so far.  As per the sources that RBI has finalized all of its preparations and will introduce this new high-value currency soon.

If sources are to be believed, then such a big Indian currency notes are already printed and waiting just to dispatch from the currency printing press in Mysuru (Mysore).


The government was about to finalized and print Rs 10000 notes in 1938 and 1954, but it was canceled by Reserve Bank of India. Because such large denominations are at high risk. They were discontinued in the later stages, and Rs 1000 was made the biggest currency note.

We did not know the reason for introducing Rs 2000 note by the RBI.  All are waiting for the official statement of RBI. We can expect a reply from the Finance Ministry regarding the official design and its details.