Japan & Ecuador! 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 80, Over 580 Wounded

Japan & Ecuador! 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 80, Over 580 Wounded :- Japan struck by the earthquake with the 7.8 magnitude. Around 80 people died in this natural disaster. Kyushu area is badly struck by this disaster. Heavy rains are expected after this disaster. The Prime minister Abe Shinzo described that the government is doing working  against the clock.

Ecuador, the country’s vice president, Jorge Glas, told the nation Saturday night in a televised address.

Glas said a state of emergency was now in effect and added that preventive evacuations in coastal areas were underway because of possible tsunami risks.


As the Prime minister said that more than 25000 self defence forces are in this rescue operation  and tried to find out the buried people in this disaster. So many people bowed down under buildings and to the different places.

The whole teams works to find out those people and tried to get them out of that.That is all the worst things that happened in their country. The first earthquake was a big one that they thought but the another one was bigger that shake Japan.

The red cross treated so many injured people some of them are injured by the cut glasses and so many persons that were bowed down under the building and bridge.

The prime minister of Japan visited the afflicted areas. And he is calling the air force forces to help the people. These forces are coming with six planes, nine ships to the Kumamoto area to deliver food for them and to deliver blankets and all the essential things that the people need their.