Jayalalithaa’s unknown facts, Journey of Amma from an actress to Tamil Nadu CM About, Bio, Wiki

Jayalalithaa’s unknown facts, Journey of Amma from an actress to Tamil Nadu CM About, Bio, Wiki : The whole Indian went restlessly when the Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa aka Amma and Puratchi Thalaivi was hospitalized after the cardiac arrest. The 68-year politician was rushed to the Apollo Hospital for the medical treatment and the experts from all over the India were called for assisting her. This incident has come as a surprise for the people and one witness the crowd of lakhs and thousand outside the Apollo Hospital as they are praying for their beloved “Amma.”However, despite being so popular in India especially in the Tamil Nadu, some people does not know about the greatness of the lady who has been the great contributor both in entertainment and political field. Well, we are here with the every bit of information from the day Jayalalitaa born to the day she became the actress in Bollywood and then, went onto to became one of the most respected politicians in India.


Jayalalithaa Jayaraman was born on the 24 February 1948 in the in Karnataka, India. The lady was born in the family with strong financial capabilities as her grandfather was in the service of the Mysore kingdom as a surgeon, and his father was a lawyer. Jayalalitha missed most of her childhood leaving without her mother as her mother was a well know commercial actress and used to work in numbers of commercials. She was brought up by her’s mother sister and her grandparents, however, after 1958 she moved to Chennai to live with her mother and completed her education in Chennai. And, then she was offered a government scholarship for completing her further education. However, there was something other waiting for the Jayalalitha in her destiny.

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In 1960, Jayalalithaa learned Bharatanatyam and her performance attracted the Shivaji Ganesan, and he preferred her to join film industry as he feels that she has the potential to be the successful actress in the Bollywood.


The breakthrough came in 1961 when Jayalalithaa worked in Kannada-language Sri Shaila Mahatma (1961). Jayalalithaa career soon groomed with mother helping her out and she soon debuted in Hindi film Manmauji (1962), and since then she never looked back. The acting career of Jayalalithaa went between 1961 to 1980, and it was believed that Jayalalithaa was one of the most versatile actresses of her generation and if she would not have left the Bollywood industry then she would have been the most successful and legendary female actress of Bollywood.


However, the life of Jayalalithaa witnessed another turn around as in the early part of 1981 she joined AIADMK, and soon find as herself as the propaganda secretary of the party. The death of the Ramachandran forced Jayalalithaa to be the prime candidate for the role of Cheif minister, but she has the another solid competitor in the form of the widow of Ramcharan.


The year 1991 was the first time when the former Bollywood actress was appointed as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Her first tenure as the chief minister was brilliant in the first two years of her time but later due to some reason it went downfall, and its result was clearly seen in 1996 election as she lost the election.


Despite loosing the election, Jayalalithaa worked hard and soon bounced back in 2001 edition of election as she once again selected as the Cheif Minister for the second time. The streak continues till 2011.


Then came the biggest disappointment in Jayalalithaa and her fan and supporter’s life as she was sentenced to jail for four years in 18-year-old disproportionate assets case. She was also fined the massive amount of Rs. 100 crore. But her supporters were continuous with her and even called for her release. The bright light came in Jayalalithaa’s career on On 11 May 2015 when she was sentenced free along with other suspects which compromises of her nephew and another relative.


The release from the prison means that Amma can take her post back as the Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu in 2015 and with no surprise even the people accepted her back.


Then, again in 2016, she was selected as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu as its 19th Chief Minister. The streak continues, and she continued to rule the hearts of her people and supporters.


And now, when she is fighting her life the millions of people are in the temple and praying in their own houses for the better health of her life.