Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell: The multimillionaire, politically connected Florida financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. He was earlier arrested on July 6 on sex trafficking charges. His arrest was the result of a joint operation which was held by the FBI as well as the New York Police Department. Epstein was flying from Paris to New York on Saturday, July 6, and then he was arrested at Teterboro Airport and was then taken into federal custody.

New York City’s chief medical examiner has confirmed that it is the case of suicide and disproved a slew of conspiracy theories that he was murdered.

Epstein was at his cell in a federal prison in Manhattan where he hanged himself and his body was found on Saturday. On Sunday, the medical examiner, Barbara Sampson, conducted the post-mortem but had held off on issuing a report awaiting further information.

His death came just the day after more than 2,000 pages of filings were opened, which revealed accusations that a host of prominent people were also involved in his acts, fueling the conspiracy theories.

As per to the jail’s warden, the guards found him dead around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday when they were on their morning rounds.

Epstein was also found unconscious in his cell on July 23, at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, with injuries to his neck. After that he has been placed on suicide watch, but then later he was removed from regular observation. He was alone in his cell when he killed himself.

As per to the New York Times, it reported the release of the medical examiner’s report prior Friday, he held a bed sheet to the top of a set of bunk beds and then throw down toward the floor with enough force so that he can break a number of bones in his neck.

In the meantime, the Justice Department refused to comment on the medical examiner’s report.

Epstein’s lawyers also said in an emailed statement, “No one should die in jail,”

He added, “Epstein’s lawyers said in an emailed statement. “The defense team fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of Mr. Epstein’s death including if necessary legal action to view the pivotal videos — if they exist as they should.”

He also said that they’re not satisfied with the reports of the medical examiner and are soon going to issue a more complete response later.

The FBI along with the Bureau of Prisons are investigating the death of Epstein. The jail’s warden has also been transferred, and two of the guards were suspended.