Tv ka Blockbuster Special Episode! KTPK Kasam 11th September 2016 Written Updates

Tv ka Blockbuster Special Episode! KTPK Kasam 11th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last week episode of the TV series “Kasam – Tere Pyar Ki” begins with Rishi is furious as he overhears Neha and Bani’s phone conversation with Nidhi about drugging Nakul and seducing him in order to marry him. However, he sees Tanuja on the phone and questions her. Earlier, Rishi smiles when he hears Tanuja laughing out loud with Biji.


Now Rishi is furious and overcome with suspicion that Tanuja is here in the Bedi house to drug up Nakul. As she is keen to seduce him in order to tie knot with him. As of now the daily soap “Kasam – Tere Pyar Ki” is making headlines that might from this week in the show we will see the return of Kratika Sengar the original Tanu and the entry of Tanu will be shown in the upcoming episodes of the show.

In the tonight episode of the popular TV series “Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki” Tanuja will be meeting with an accident. Destiny will yet again play a game with Tanu and Rishi. Now it is inauspicious time is running in the Rishi’s (Sharad Malhotra) life for that he is having even a death threat.

As we know, the last time Rishi got saved, and his love of life Tanu died. Now again Tanuja (Shivani Tomar) who is reincarnation of Tanu will come in as a savior of the Rishi’s life.

And while saving Rishi, Tanuja will get caught which will be giving her a major bun on her face. A report published in Tellychakkar said that, “During the Ganpati pooja, there will be a major fire mishap in which Rishi will almost get caught. However, Tanuja will daringly bear it all, save Rishi from the mishap. But in the process, she will get caught in the flames”.

Fate will be seen playing a trick in which after burning Tanuja will be having a new face which will be of no one else Tanu’s. It is the doctor attending on the burnt and they will be find a Tanu’s picture, doctor will be consider it is Tanuja’s picture, so they will be conduct a plastic surgery on Tanuja of the Tanu’s face.
Now it will be interesting to see how Tanuja is going to react after having the new face. Is Rishi will be falling in love with this new face of the Tanuja which is belongs to his lady love Tanu. Stay tuned for more updates of the TV series “Kasam – Tere Pyar Ki”!