Kasturi Hugs Chakor Cries for Dadi! Udaan 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

Kasturi Hugs Chakor Cries for Dadi! Udaan 23rd February 2016 Written Updates :- The Episode of “Udaan” starts with Suraj dragging Chakor to Bhaiya ji. She recalls all of his tortures and Ishwar’s death. Bhaiya ji recalls little Chakor’s words and how grown up Chakor gave statement against her. Bhaiya ji asked to the little Chakor is media and public arrived to help you now. Where is public? Chakor looked on.

Kasturi Hugs Chakor udaan

Udaan 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

Suraj begged from Bhaiya ji to forgive Chakor but Bhaiya ji said stop Chakor from provoking me. He controls himself and says Miss Marathon is good name, you came after ten years, we will sit and talk, ups and downs happen in politics.

But Bhaiya ji insults Sooraj by you guys are born to be Bandhua and you will be Bandhua. When Bhaiya ji was busy insulting Chakor, suddenly Aditya breaks into the haveli, with many reporters. Chakor is smiles seeing them. Bhaiya ji and Suraj get shocked.

Now Bhaiya ji said to media that I was busy in politics so I could not take care of Chakor. I’ll now concentrate on my Bandhuas and will try my best to protect. When Bhiya ji was busy providing his good images Chakor looked on as Bhaiya ji was totally fake.

In the next scene now Chakor meet with Vivaan…. and smiles. She runs to him and falls with him. But Vivaan asks to Chakor what did you do, who you are, you spoiled my clothes. She says sorry, I will clean. He says no need, go from here, who are you.

Now Chakor try to be friend with Vivaan by saying I’m Chakor can you recognised me? We are friends from our childhood days. Vivaan say who is Chakor. I don’t have any friend name Chakor. Chakor get shocked.

In the tonight episode of “Udaan” it will be shown that Kasturi hugs Chakor. Chakor cries for Dadi. Kasturi will be saying we are proud of your Dadi.

Now Chakor swears on Dadi that no one will die as bandhua and promises the same. Kasturi impress with Chakor and praised her.