Will Paridhi defeat Manjulika? Kawach / Kavach 10th September 2016 Written Updates

Will Paridhi defeat Manjulika? Kawach / Kavach 10th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series “Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se” begins with after killing Rajbeer Shakti thinks that from tomorrow the Bundela family will be seen doing mourning of Rajbeer’s death, so now I should sleep for some time as my sleep will be now affected.


After sleeping Shakti got scared to see Natasha and as per plan of Paridhi, now Natasha is all set to scare Shakti. She now joins hands with Pari and Rajbeer. Rajbeer asked Pari that Saudamani is doing meditation for a long time to get back Manjulika.

This time, we need to disturb her and for that, we should use Shakti as a puppet. Rajbeer also asked Pari that Shakti needs to pay for his sins he did. With the intention of getting Shakti exposed of his crime by himself, Rajbir and Natasha pretend to be ghosts to make him scared.

Meanwhile, Saudamini frees Manjulika, but the mother-daughter duo shares conflict with each other when Manjulika learns that Saudamini killed Rajbir. With Shakti seeking help from Saudamini to rid himself of the ghosts, Rajbir, Paridhi and Natasha must now come up with another strategy to avenge the wrongdoings.

Now Saudamani decided to search on the fact that why Rajbeer’s soul is behind Shakti as Shakti stabs Rajbeer as per her suggestion so Rajbeer’s soul must harm me. She also asked Rajbeer to calm down and promised him that she will be making get rid of the Natasha and Rajbeer’s soul.

Manjulika and Saudamani are busy torturing Pari, Pari is facing it to save Rajbeer and Bundela family. Rajbeer is unable to see the atrocities on Pari by Saudamani and Manjulika.

But Natasha explains to him and makes him understand that he needs to bear these all in order to exposed Shakti as well to defeat unless they will kill the each member of the Bundela family.

Pari is busy fighting with Saudamani and Manjulika and Rajbeer thinks to help Pari on her mission to defeat the Kaali Shakti (Black Magic) of Saudamani and their younger brother Nitish also join hands with Pari, Raj beer and Natasha to defeat the Kaali Shakti of Saudamani.