Sharvani Comes Closer to Aryan! Krishnadasi 22nd September 2016 Written Updates

Sharvani Comes Closer to Aryan! Krishnadasi 22nd September 2016 Written Updates :- Krishnadasi last night episode started with Aradhya is shocked when she is brought back to the house for further investigation of the crime scene and bears witness to Aryan and Shravani’s wedding. On being interrogated by Inspector Damini for Jairaj’s death, Shravani cooks up a story to get Aradhya framed for his murder.


The episode further shows that Pavitra and Sashwat are shocked to know that Shravani is not a widow and she did so to marry Aryan by deceives him.  Bhamani hears this and she said that she is in no mood to believe so. She also asked to the Rao family that Abha Saheb did he did all to insults Shravani who is an innocent.

Uday and Abha Saheb bring the women to the bar and asked to the police Damini that this Nautanki Waali lies about Shravani that she is a widow as Jairaj paid her money to do so. Shravani cries crocodile tears in front of Aradhya who is in jail now.

Aradhya arrived to attain the wedding of Aryan and Shravani as Shravani asked her to bless her as her elder sister with tears full eyes and Aradhya said yes and she bared a huge pain to witness the wedding of both Aryan and Shravani. After wedding the police take her to the jail where she broken down in tears.

After wedding Aryan is now shattered, then the Pandit asked him to put the Mangalsura on over the neck of Shravani. Shrvani smirks and thinks that now she can have the entire  Rao family’s property and she is also happy that Jairaj is dead and Aradhya is in jail

Precap: Aradhya is thinking about Aryan’s wedding with Shravani and breaking down in tears. She looks sad and upset.

Still Aryan is unable to accept Shravani as his wife but Kumudini asked Aryan to take a gift for her in the wedding night.