Kundara case Updates: Grandfather held for raping minor

Kundara case Updates: Grandfather held for raping minor :- The Special Investigation Team probing the death of a 10-year-old girl at Kundara has arrested the girl’s grandfather Victor Daniel for sexually assaulting her.

Kundara police also registered his arrest for the rape of another minor girl in the area.

He was arrested on the statement given by grandmother that- her own grandfather had sexually assaulted the girl.

Victor, working as a manager in Kollam, is involved in cases of sex at the lodge.He was earlier the assistant of a criminal lawyer.

The police have questioned about 40 people including relatives of the girl in the past four days.

Earlier, the mother and elder sister of the girl refused to answer. Police sought the help of counsellors to approach relatives to disclose the mystery.

The relatives who were unaware of the girl, changed their mind after the counsellors asked. The police will also make the mother and grandfather of the girl undergo a lie-detector test on Monday.

The investigation team has submitted a report in court. The 10-year-old girl was found hanging from the window of her house in Kundara on 15th January.

Over 18 injuries were found on her body.

A report from the forensic lab has confirmed that a suicide note recovered from near her body was written by the girl herself. The suicide note stated that she committed suicide as she “lacked peace” at her home. She mentioned that nobody was responsible for her death.

The police had taken nine persons including the mother and grandfather of the child into custody for questioning at the Kallada police station.

The grandmother stated that the grandfather was scolded for his immoral approach towards his granddaughter. The police are investigating further.