Mayur Vihar 25 years old woman killed a 64 years old Vijay Kumar in vengeance

Mayur Vihar, Delhi :- After three days, the Delhi Police claim to have arrested the murderer of a 64-year-old Vijaykumar who was murdered at his residence in Mayur Vihar’s Samachar Apartments. The Delhi police have arrested a female, 25 years old, who had killed Kumar on 20th July 2016.


Vijay kumar used to blackmail the 25 years old lady after making a film of her and himself naked, according to the source of police.

The woman alleged that two year ago, she had approached Kumar seeking a job. Vijay kumar, on the pretext of helping her, used to exploit her physically.

The 25 years old woman killed Vijay in vengeance, said police.

The police said that the CCTV footage recovered from a camera which is installed at the exit gate of the apartment complex.

Police said that the suspect was not noticed while coming inside the complex but when she was going out of the apartment complex from gate number three then the cctv captured a clear image of the woman. In the image, she was carrying a television which was stolen from flat of victim Vijaykumar.

Vijay Kumar had retired from CGHS. On Wednesday, he was stabbed to death at his flat on the third floor of Samachar Apartments in Mayur Vihar area.

The incident came to light when Vijay Kumar did not respond to the calls of his daughter, Ambily. She works with Rajya Sabha TV and stays in the same society. Kumar’s son too is a journalist in Dubai.

Not responding to phone call her daughter went to her father’s flat. But Ambily found Kumar’s body lying in a pool of blood,  in a semi-nude condition under a mattress in the bedroom of the flat with multiple injuries on his body.

On Wednesday, the Delhi police had said that the killer were known to Vijay Kumar as the entry seemed friendly. The police also found tea cups in the bedroom and no signs of ransacking so that the robbery was not the main intention.

But a LCD television set has gone missing from the flat of Vijay kumar. He stayed with his wife, Vasundhra, 60 years old. Vasundhra works in the Income Tax department.

On Friday, Vijay Kumar was to turn 65 years old. Vijay had moved to Delhi four months ago.