Mom paid Rs 1 lakh to contract killer to murder son in Rajasthan

Mom paid Rs 1 lakh to contract killer to murder son in Rajasthan: As per a shocking news and incident, a mother reportedly conspires with her son-in-law and four others to get killed her own son over the property dispute. The heartrending incident took place in the Chhoti Sadri of Pratapgarh district. The woman has also reportedly, had paid Rs 1 lakh to a contract killer, a highway dhaba owner, where her late son was generally and most of the time visited.

Mom paid Rs 1 lakh to contract killer to murder son in Rajasthan

The cop had found the victim’s body on the last 7th April 7 on the NH-113 Nimbaheda road at an abandoned spot near Rati Talai.

The state cop has arrested the victim’s mother Prem Lata Suthar, brother-in-law Kishan Suthar, Mahadev Dhakad and Ganpat Singh for the murder.

The victim Mohit (21) was actually having a bad mental condition and was also a drug addict. He abused his mother after his father’s death. Tired of her son’s torture, the woman was living with her daughter and son-in-law in Bambori village one from the half months ago.

“The woman had some 4 beeghas of land in the area and she wanted to sell it to one of the accused Mahadev. However, Mohit was a hurdle as he didn’t allow them to sell the land. His mother and brother-in-law hence conspired to get Mohit killed,” Chhoti Sadri SHO Pravin Tank informed.

They sought Mahadev’s assistance who roped in Ganpat Singh Rajput’s resident of Bambori was running a dhaba at Ranikheda village.

SIngh was paid Rs 50,000 in advance in order to murder Mohit while the remaining amount was decided to be paid post he will be killed the victim.

On the last 6th April, when Mohit went to the dhaba to eat, Ganpat laced his food with sleeping pills and then offered him a beer.

Post eating the meal, Mohit left on his bike while Ganpat’s worker Anil Nayak too accompanied him. Ganpat followed them. Near Sivana, both the men offered him some more beer and when Mohit lost his senses, Ganpat took the opportunity and strangulated him to death finally.

After the cold-blooded murder, both the accused returned to the dhaba and started working as nothing happened.

It was a blind murder and the victim being mentally unfit; it was difficult to discover the murderer anyway by the police team.

Though the CCTV footages at one of the toll plaza came as a big help and the culprit Ganpat was after interrogation confessed his crime finally.

The woman has been sent to judicial custody while the three men are locked in the cop remand.

The 5th accused Anil Nayak is escaping while the police have launched something to search him.