Naagin Season 2 30th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Yamini promises sesha

Naagin Season 2 30th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Yamini promises sesha :- The last night episode of the horror turn supernatural TV series Naagin Season 2 begins with due to Shivangi’s wedding turn into a bloodbath so Shivangi decided to see revenge of her whole family’s assassination!


The episode further shows on its first scene that Shesha trying to tingles Shivangi but Yamini and Avantika come there and Shesha did not succeed in her evil plan. Yamini asks Shivanya for the keys of Naagmani but she somehow go unconscious. Shesha then pushes Shivanya from the hill as Shesha thought that she is Shivangi.

Everyone gets shocked at this. Shivangi in the Shiv temple gets a perception that Shivanya has been murdered. Due to now Shivangi was broken down in tears Guruji tries to console her. But Shivangi asks Lord Shiva why he has done this to her.

She asked god that why she is still alive when Lord Shiva snatches her whole family from her. Just Shivangi has an intuition that it is not the normal death of her mother Shivanya she must be murdered and now Shivangi swears to seek revenge on her mother and whole family’s assassination.

Shivangi goes to Shivanya’s dead body and a bee comes there. Shivangi takes the dead body of her mother Shivanya in the Shiv temple where Rocky also arrives. Everybody from Rocky’s family pretends to be sad but Rocky tries to consoles Shivangi.

Guruji explains Shivangi a plan in which her mother Shivanya receives a little bit more breathes but finally she dies. Yamini takes now Rocky to the Raheja house. rocky is also breakdown to see that Shivanya is dead and she thinks of Shivangi for the whole night as it is difficult to manage Shivangi after her mother’s demise.

Now Shivangi performs all the rituals for the funeral of Shivanya. Shivangi also ultimately decides to seek avenge from all of them who killed her mother and the whole family. She asked to Lord Shiva now that when he snatch her mother, father and her whole family from her leaving her alone then he have to help her as well he have to give her power to seek her revenge successfully as now she is having only single aim in her life that is to take revenge and only revenge.

Somehow Shivangi falls on the floor while crying when a Lion comes there and Shivangi crawls back and start breathlessly heavily. Lord Shiva now sends his “Naags” to save her from the Lion. Shivangi is surprised to see how a Naag’ save her from the deadly lion.

Actually, the big snake comes behind her and saves her throwing poison on the deadly tiger. Tiger gets scared and runs away. Snake then leaves in front of Shivangi and Shivangi is now sitting in shock.

Precap: Yamini promises to Ruchika aka Sesha that she will be getting her married to Rocky tomorrow. Rocky announced that he can’t marry Ruchika aka Shesha.

Shivangi said to Rocky that she wishes to meet Rocky and when Rocky meets with her she asked him that why he deceives her.