Garud Kills Astika! Nagarjun 28th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Garud Kills Astika! Nagarjun 28th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- Here we are back with the freshest episode with Garud, Where he follows Astika and tells he can give him comfortable death, however, wants to beat his father’s killer first and then kill him.

Where on the other side, before this incident, Arjun achieves Astika’s home and supposes he will get answers to his inquiries today. Garud likewise comes and enters home from secondary passage supposing he will discover Astika and kill him today.

Nagarjun 28th July 2016 Written Update

Nagarjun Today Episode Written Updates

He then keeps running from that point listening to Arjun coming. Arjun goes to the posterior of the house and supposes somebody was here, might be Astika. While, Astika is seen supplicating shivling in a hole. Garud comes to there and supposes this is Astika’s last pooja.

He conceals seeing Vasuki coming there. Astika asks Vasuki for what valid reason wouldn’t he be able to hold up until he completes pooja.

Vasuki insults him that he can’t control his significant other and child. Astika says they are additionally his family like him, they are Takshak’s supporters, however, he is Takshak’s adversary.

Vasuki says on the off chance that he goes to naglok, his significant other and child will devastate Amroli attempting to take revenge from Arjun.

Garud this Mohini did not let him know about Vasuki, he can’t confront Vasuki, so he will catch Astika when he is distant from everyone else and murder him.

Mohini tells Rajveer that Nagmaya advised her that she will send sarp sainik/troopers who are icchadhari bothers and can take any structure, they will be around Arjun’s home.

Rajveer inquires as to whether she doesn’t believe their energy that she called sarp sainik. She says Amroli individuals know just 2 winds yet will freeze seeing numerous snakes.

They need to freeze Arjun before they murder him. Rajveer says Arjun’s shortcoming is Noorie. Mohini says Chutki is his shortcoming and reminds how Arjun battled with them for her, now sarp sainiks will assault Arjun.

Arjun goes to the carport and thinks back all the late episodes. Aslam comes harmed and says somebody grabbed Chutki. Arjun inquires as to whether it was Rajveer.

Aslam says he doesn’t have even an inkling, yet criminal requesting that he come to the old industrial facility. Arjun looks Aslam and leaves saying it must be Rajveer.

He achieves old processing plant and searches Chutki. Chutki calls him from behind the window. Hijacker takes her away. Arjun breaks window steel poles and enters room and cautions hijacker that his enmity is with him and he ought not to hurt his sister.

Criminal pushes Chutki. Arjun irately tries to punch ruffian, however Chutki stops her. Arjun evacuates ruffian’s veil and is shocked to see his companion, Tina. Aslam comes and says it is Tina.

Chutki says bhaiya would have crushed Tina in the event that she had not halted him. Tina sys when she returned to Amroli, she heard a considerable measure about his dauntlessness and needed to test him.

He is indeed courageous and intense. Aslam asks how could he have been able to he break steel poles and came to here so early. Arjun says he took the easy route. Aslam asks which easy route.

Tina insults Arjun and says amid youth he used to play tricks and act blameless, they needed to face discipline.

She says his epithet was jhunjhun. Arjun says she has not changed at all and why she returned after such a variety of years. She says her manager sent her here to examine on snakes.