New York: People shoot down including the 5 Year Old Kid in Queens’s apartment

New York: People shoot down including the 5 Year Old Kid in Queens’s apartment: Well, you all should know that four people are shoot down in New York, inside an apartment building in Queens late on Monday, July 30. Reports are coming that around 8.50 pm on local time incident came into light when police officials responded to a call about a bleeding man and visited a first-floor apartment on 30th Drive at 23rd Street in Astoria.  Sources are confirming that police immediately pulled the whole building under the investigation area and they started doing their job.

For now, officials of the New York Police Department are confirming that two women and a man were also found in the apartment and the child was found in the middle of the living room. Some reports are confirming that they have recovered the bodies along with a black semiautomatic pistol from the spot. Some reports are claiming that the officials are trying to ascertain if it was a case of murder-suicide.

Overall, the NYPD Chief said, “We don’t lean either way, but that is something certainly we will look into.” It is also not known if the four deceased were related. Dozens of NYPD officers were seen at the apartment and are trying to ascertain the cause of the deaths.  You all can say that the Investigators are yet to name those killed or reveal the motive, but hinted that one of the deceased had been identified. You all can say that this whole thing is going to be resolved soon for sure.

Some reports are claiming that the neighbors explained that they did not hear any argument in the apartment or even gunshots and realized something was wrong. Overall, the reports are coming that they already realized that something is off when they saw the police vehicles and ambulances on the street. One of them said, “I got off the bus and saw an ambulance right here on the corner and thought ‘Oh someone’s had a heart attack.”